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 January-February 2015

January-February 2015


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January-February Features

How Much House Can You Afford?

by Judith M. Gallman

Our survey of four price points for East Bay houses and condos offers a bird’s-eye-view of today’s market from Richmond to Castro Valley.

Tenacity Figures in Mayor Trish Spencer’s Win

by Steven Tavares

Throughout her life, Trish Spencer has displayed an ability to succeed, despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles placed before her.

The Ruckus Over Alameda’s Shore Line Cycle Track

by Carrie Kirby

In a surprising twist and after a longtime coming, not everybody is happy about the Shore Line cycle track.

Interim Superintendent Sean McPhetridge Builds Morale in Alameda Schools

by Keith Gleason

Alameda school interim superintendent Sean McPhetridge test drives the job he would love to have while improving morale in the district.

January-February Departments

Bill Owens Photos at Mills, Sporting Highlights, Restaurant Week, and Sly and the Family Stone

by Matthew Craggs

A Guide to 15 Inspired Workout Regimens

by Kyrsten Bean, Jody Brettkelly, Ilana DeBare, Andrea Firth, Heather Johnson, Cynthia Salaysay, and Rachel Trachten

Dance, paddleboard, slackline, row, cycle, kickbox, and run your way to fitness.

Exploring the Tech Attractions of Silicon Valley

by Michael Halberstadt

Silicon Valley was born of two fathers in a Palo Alto garage. A few more of its garages later morphed into Fortune 500 companies, and its office parks now bear names the entire world knows: Apple,...

Partnerships Between Decorators and Retailers Lead to Good Deals

by Sarah Coombs

For those who can't hire a professional decorator, the next best alternative is shopping from designer collaborations at retailers with lines at Target, Walmart, Macy's, or CB2.

Kyoto Is for Food Lovers

by Anna Mindess

Renowned as the cultural heart of Japan, Kyoto's temples, shrines, and palaces are resplendent in every season, but the soul of a culture is revealed in its food. Sampling Kyoto's culinary...

43 East Bay Residents Who Made a Difference

by Mike Rosen-Molina

We bid farewell to 43 individuals with local roots who died in 2014 and honor the fascinating and full lives they led in this remembrance.

What Kind of Rental Can You Afford?

by Judith M. Gallman

Three prices for renting offer an interesting survey of what’s available for renting in the East Bay.

Shop, Eat, Play on 40th Street in Oakland

by Katie Cornell

The 1-mile strip of 40th Street, between Webster Street and Broadway, buzzes with mom-and-pop businesses showcasing gourmet food, craft beers, and sustainable goods. It's the next place to be in...

The Growlers’ Arms Masters British Pub Cooking

by Derk Richardson

The Growlers’ Arms walks a tightrope between its casual, rustic feel and its elevated intentions, but it puts to rest once and for all the outdated and dimwitted stereotypes of bad English and...

Lobbing Jokes Across the Barroom

by Chris Barylick

The East Bay may not be the comedy mecca that New York or Los Angeles is, but the stand-up scene has surged, with downtown Oakland the epicenter of worthy paid and free comic showcase venues.

Estuary Art Attack Shows off Alameda Art

by Michael Singman-Aste

If the crowds at the “amazing carnival” that is Oakland’s Art Murmur are too daunting, there is an alternative: The Second Friday art walk, also known as Estuary Art Attack, comprises more...

Oakland FamilySearch Library Helps Would-be Genealogists Trace Their Roots

by Charleen Earley

Oakland’s FamilySearch Library at the Mormon Temple helps people find their people in a state-of-the-art setting.

Winter Chicories Add Earthy Bitterness to Dishes

by Cynthia Salaysay

Some people don’t like chicories, because they’re too bitter. But for Joe Shirmer, farmer and owner of Dirty Girl Produce, the earthy, nutty, bitter flavors that these stark, cool-weather...

Dee Dee Simon Rises on the R&B Circuit

by Lee Hildebrand

Performer Dee Dee Simon feels that her life-long dreams of becoming a major R&B singing star may be close at hand.

A Twist of the Lion’s Tale

by Stefanie Kalem

Bar Three Fifty-five resurrects a vintage cocktail with bourbon.

No End for Alameda’s Four-Day Work Week

by Sarah Phelan

A bustling economy and a budget surplus won’t change the four-day work week that city workers and Millennials favor—at least for now, though the city manager and new mayor won’t rule out the...

Shebooks Publishes Books by Women for Women

by Andrea A. Firth

Shebooks, a new digital publisher, hopes to give women readers what they want, the way they want it: short e-books, all by women, which can be downloaded and read in an hour or two.

Tavares Taken to Task

by Our Readers

Letters from our December issue

From Up On the Roof

A bird's-eye view of Alameda, California.

Storms, Protests, and Development Updates

by Judith M. Gallman

New Officials Mayor Trish Spencer and councilmen Frank Matarrese and Jim Oddie were sworn in Dec. 16, the same night the Del Monte project was green-lighted for 380 new homes.

It’s All About the Tools

by Gina Jaber

“I would love to see a tool lending library in Alameda. There are currently seven in California and about 50 in the country. It’s time for Alameda to jump on this terrific concept.”