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 December 2014

December 2014


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December Features

Presents of Mind

by Chris Barylick, Kyrsten Bean, Elyce Berrigan-Dunlop, Matthew Craggs, Ilana DeBare, Andrea Firth, Carl T. Hall, Alex Handy, Carrie Kirby, Sarah Phelan, and Julia Park Tracey

Our holiday gift guide takes the guesswork out of the shopping season.

Seismic Shocks on Election Day

by Steven Tavares

The recently elected pledge to chart a new course to slow development in Alameda.

Slugging it Out at Crown Beach

by Renee Macalino Rutledge

A curious sight washes ashore along the bayside.

She’s Jamming in Dallas

by Kate Madden Yee

Amanda Jamitinya brings it on in the Roller Derby World Cup.

December Departments

Tracking Pirates, Hiking Muir, and Living Paleo

by Judith M. Gallman

Travel to India, see the John Muir Trail, and eat like a cavewoman.

Set Sail for Paradise

by Matthew Craggs

Tiki time at Longitude balances kitsch and class in downtown.

Yosemite Without the Crowds

by Anneli Rufus

Kings Canyon is a High Sierra paradise hiding in plain sight.

Getting Down to Barbecue Basics

by Matthew Craggs

For go-to to-go ’cue, try Genny’s BBQ in East Oakland.

On the Road Again

by Lee Hildebrand

Terrie Odabi takes her blues back to Memphis on the heels of a new release.

But does exciting Sell Art?

by Dave Weinstein

In Oakland’s evolving art gallery scene, achievement is defined more by community and expression than by commercial success.

Shaking Up Lakeshore at Shakewell

by Derk Richardson

The Iberian-Mediterranean trend lands lakeside.

Spinning Straw Into Semiconductors in Woodside

by Anneli Rufus

Forty miles from the East Bay, Woodside is the closest we can come to modern-day fairy tales.

Rusty Blazenhoff is the Queen of Kitsch

by Julia Park Tracey

Rusty Blazenhoff captures the zeitgeist of now—and back then.

Holiday Hunting for Presents

by Judith M. Gallman

Shopping the Old-Fashioned Way

A Taste of Nice Rice

by Anneli Rufus

Oori treats the masses to Korean rice triangles.

Capturing the Ephemeral Through Photography

by Matthew Craggs

Lewis deSoto, Sonja Hinrichsen, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Dec. 5–Jan. 24,

New Café Is the Cat’s Meow

by Julia Park Tracey

Trendy business pairs kitties with caffeinated humans.

Getting Serious About Cocktails

by Stefanie Kalem

Kingman’s Germain Jackson is good for your soul.

The Root of the Matter

by Cynthia Salaysay

Add celery’s cousin to roasts, soups, and pastas.

Waterfront Waste

by our readers

Letters from our December issue.

The Most Exciting Block in Oakland

by Justin Berton

A group of artists with a vision and a sense of community turn a strip of blight into a river of creativity.

Decals Are Here to Stay (for a While)

by Sarah Coombs

Affordable, adaptable, and temporary, the adhesive trend is sticking around.

An End for Odds and Ends

by Julia Park Tracey

New shop puts leftover yarn, thread, and fabrics to crafters’ use.

Beyond El Cerrito Plaza

by Katie Cornell

Vintage pinball machines, a renowned records collection, and fresh brews make El Cerrito an invigorating destination.

Bad Puns and Great Watercolors

by Michael Singman-Aste

Larry Wilson serves an artistic Bay Area tour guide.

How Do You Contend With Alameda’s Raccoon Problem?

by Gina Jaber

Residents discuss this critter conundrum

Is the Third Time the Charm for Mighty Aphrodite?

by Gina Jaber

Women’s consignment store gains a boutique vibe.

If the Shoe Fits, Adorn It

by Julia Park Tracey

Local teenager gets creative with high-top designs.

Resignations and Replacements

by Judith M. Gallman

Notes of Interest to Alamedans.