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 July 2014

July 2014


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July Features

The Best Of Alameda 2014

by Matthew Craggs, Keith Gleason, Karen Granados, Carrie Kirby, Mike Rosen-Molina, Jakki Spicer, and Julia Park Tracey

Alameda has it going on. Readers and editors weigh in with their faves in this rendition of the Best Of for 2014.

Is Rent Control the Answer

by By Eli Wolfe

When people talk about rent problems in the Bay Area, they’re usually referring to San Francisco and its recent convulsions of gentrification. But there’s another crisis brewing in the East Bay...

Pollinate Farm & Garden Thrives

by Nate Gartrell

Ethnic and cultural diversity prevail in Oakland. Take the Fruitvale and Dimond districts, where hip apparel store Oaklandish recently opened next to an old-fashioned butcher shop that’s been...

Jazeera Market S[reads Global Tastes

by Gina Jaber

Looking for spices from Pakistan, desserts from the Middle East, tea from London and Iran, coffee from Yemen? These culinary treats and much more can be found in Alameda’s newest foodie...

July Departments

Don't Glorify Graffiti

Letters to the Editor

A Very Robust Best Of Survey

by Judith M. Gallman

As editor, I have my say all the time. But when do you get to have your say? In July, we celebrate Alameda with the Best Of issue, which shares what readers love most about Island life via an...

Tips on Photography

by Karen Granados

The digital age has ushered in instant sharing of almost every image imaginable. Within seconds, images of you—including the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly—can be viewed by hundreds,...

Dog-Friendly Alameda

by Gina Jaber

For the most part, the consensus is in the dog's favor.

More Stadium Games in Oakland

by John Geluardi

While sports fans adjust to the seemingly inevitable flight of the Golden State Warriors to San Francisco, city officials and business leaders have redoubled their efforts to keep the A’s and the...

Centerforce Gives Oakland Youth Court New Life

by Nate Gartrell

When Cleveland Mitchell first learned in 2011 that Oakland’s McCullum Youth Court was losing funding and on the verge of closing its doors, he could hardly contain his disappointment. Having been...

How to Make a Statement with Your Front Door

by Sarah Coombs

As we roll into summer here in the East Bay, one thing is certain: We’ll all be spending lots of time outdoors. That makes this the perfect time to update your home’s exterior. No need to...

Housing Boom Is No Bubble

by Rick Radin

Anytime a blog post or news story appears that cites the skyrocketing cost of Bay Area real estate, some readers in the online comments section point to signs of a housing bubble such as the one...

Italy's Pantelleria Feels Like Africa

by Kristan Lawson

When Europe starts feeling too homogenized, you head farther and farther south. But Rome’s too frenetic, so you decamp for Sicily, which has marzipan and Mount Etna but after a few days feels too...

Make Way to Monterey Bay

by Matthew Craggs

Too often relegated to a series of blurred images outside car windows zooming along Highway 1 between Monterey and Santa Cruz, Moss Landing perches on Monterey Bay’s easternmost tip. This...

Norwegian Air Simplifies Transatlantic Travel from Oakland

by Judith M. Gallman

An interesting thing happened after Norwegian Air Shuttle announced that it would offer low-cost transatlantic flights to and from a handful of U.S. cities, including Oakland. The dominant air...

Dining Review of Pathos

by Derk Richardson

After our first dinner at Pathos in May, I said to Robin, “There wasn’t anything we ate that I wouldn’t order again.” And that was saying something, because five of us, parked in a comfy...

Doukkala Puts a California Slant on Moroccan Cuisine

by Kathryn Jessup

For all its food-loving extravagance, the Bay Area has little in the way of Moroccan cuisine. But if you ask Jamal Zahid, whose family has owned a Moroccan restaurant in Oakland’s Temescal...

Camino's Old Cuban Is the Perfect Summer Drink

by Stefanie Kalem

Oakland’s celebrated Camino is named for the fire over which its food is cooked—“camino” means “fireplace” in Italian—but it may as well be named for the discernible route each...

Venga Paella’s Manchego Con Membrillo

by Anneli Rufus

Certain food combinations are inextricably associated with specific locales. Fish and chips. Red beans and rice. Certain partnerships are so particular, so otherwise obtuse, as to evoke all by...

Nectarines In Season Now

by Cynthia Salaysay

Poems to peaches are common enough. Google “ode to a peach” and there are plenty of hits. But odes to nectarines, their smoother-skinned cousins? They’re fewer and farther between. But they...

Recently Visited Restaurants

Dining out in Alameda, Uptwon, Rockridge, and North Oakland.

Marshawn Lynch Makes His Own Movie

by Marcus Thompson

Marshawn Lynch wants to tell his own story. Many have tried as the Oakland native has become an NFL star. Many more will want to now that he’s a Super Bowl champion. But Lynch believes, more...

JaYing Wang Masters the Mosaic

by Michael Singman-Aste

New Susan Sontag Documentary

by Michael Fox

It was a day much like any other in her Berkeley office in the Zaentz Media Center when Nancy Kates was struck with the idea of making a documentary about the late essayist and novelist Susan...

Markings of Milestone

by Michael Singman-Aste

You know a gallery is a nexus of civilization when the Minister of Culture himself exhibits there. In June, Joyce Gordon Gallery hosted the prints of graphic artist Emory Douglas, who held that...

Abracadabra Association

by Anneli Rufus

A black-waistcoated, ponytailed man pulls a ball of light from his assistant’s ear. He pulls more glowing orbs from his forehead and hands, then makes his glowing wand appear to levitate.

Self-Haters, Animal Lovers, and Trendsetters

by Judith M. Gallman

Unworthy, Zooburbia, and This Is Oakland get mentions in Media Shelf.

This Month's Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Robots, National Poetry Slam, Independence Day, Supermoons, and Classic Films.

July and August Calendar Listings

by Matthew Craggs

A roster of events going on this month.