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 September 2014

September 2014


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September Features

Furniture and Fixtures as Art

by Karen Granados

Wood sanders buzz and power tools whir wildly as the USS Hornet hulks in the distance and a vision of the San Francisco skyline shimmers outside a warehouse on Alameda’s former Navy base. Inside,...

Dawn of a New Waterfront

by Eli Wolfe

Northern California homebuilder Tim Lewis Communities is in the midst of launching a redevelopment project for the Del Monte warehouse and its neighbor, Encinal Terminals, in Alameda. The developer...

The Google Bus Phenomenon in Alameda

by Steven Tavares

Jeremy Schmitz lives on High Street, a narrow two-lane thoroughfare that is one of Alameda’s few exit points to the rest of the East Bay. During most weekday mornings, the two-lane street is...

September Departments

Eye-Rolling and Rent Control

Readers' comments on our contents.

Form and Function in Home Design

by Judith M. Gallman

Design rules our lives, especially the furniture and décor that fill our homes. Imagine if you could outfit your surroundings with one-of-a-kind designs that felt more like works of art, replacing...

TVs, Radios, and Picture Tubes

by Keith Gleason

Old radios, microphones, and televisions lined up everywhere. Fifteen hundred stacked boxes of vacuum tubes, books, magazines, photographs, phonographs, amplifiers, audiotapes, testing equipment,...

Greetings From Alameda

Greetings from Alameda displays historic postcards collected by Gary Lenhart at AlamedaInfo.com.


by Gina Jaber

We ask Alamedans what's on their minds on a topical issue.

Keeping an Open Mind

by Gina Jaber

Civic Drawing Board asks Alameda citizens and civic leaders to indentify a concrete change that would improve their town.

Masked Kids and (Other) Creepy Primates

by Michael Singman-Aste

It all started with a devil space monkey.

A New City Across the Estuary

by Nate Gartrell

If you went to the Alameda-Oakland estuary and saw Brooklyn Basin today, it might be hard to envision that this large field of dirt mounds adjacent to derelict warehouse space could one day be a...

Tempted by Taipei

by Ginger Dingus

Imagine steamy hot springs surrounded by luxurious spas, stunning mountain scenery, opulent temples, and exotic dining. Add eye-popping skyscrapers and trendy art in unlikely spaces. Mykonos?...

Healdsburg Is Wine Country In Miniature

by Kristan Lawson

The Wine Country’s dirty little secret is that it revolves around two incompatible activities: drinking and driving.In Sonoma County’s rural tasting rooms, the vino flows freely, and the...

5 Lighting Tips From the Pros

by Jeanne Storck

Most of us probably take lighting for granted. Flip on the switch, and as long as you can see what you’re doing, you’re good. But lighting can be magical. It can change the mood in a room and...

Take It Outside

by Sarah Coombs

Summer comes late to us here in the East Bay. That’s good news. It means there’s still time to prep your backyard for the next two months of typically warm weather.

Simple Redo Versus Major Overhaul

by Sarah Coombs

Interior designers are asked this question a lot, especially when it comes to kitchens: "How much can I change it without changing everything?" After all, the renovation of no other room wreaks...

Bold, Monochromatic, and Patterned

by Sarah Coombs

For years, white kitchens have reigned supreme. It’s easy to see why. They’re clean, bright, and tasteful; they’ll always be classic. But there’s a new kind of style on the block, and...

New Life for The UC Theatre

by Andrew Gilbert

The benighted and newly engaged couple of Brad and Janet, the doomed Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and the rest of the zany crew from Transsexual, Transylvania, are headed back to Berkeley. The UC Theatre on...

The Metamorphosis of SFMOMA

by DeWitt Cheng

With the recent gallery and nonprofit closures and downsizings, and artist evictions, the Bay Area art world is undergoing tough times. Even our traditional freewheeling Bohemian ethos looks...

The East Bay Review Debuts

by Andrea A. Firth

Over beers in a rental in Mendocino one evening, six young writers kicked around the idea of starting a new literary magazine-a journal that would publish what they liked to read, not be too...

Full-tilt Fall Arts Preview

by DeWitt Cheng, Rita Felciano, Michael Fox, Julia Park Tracey, Andrew Gilbert, and Sam Hurwitt

The fall arts season offers exciting programming across many genres.

Dragon Gate Does Street-style Taiwanese

by Derk Richardson

Deep in Dragon Gate Bar & Grille’s multisection menu, I found the dish that called my name: Idiot Noodle. It also brought to mind my friend Tim Ware’s composition, "Idiot Glee," and held out...

alaMar Docks In Uptown

by Matthew Craggs

Saucy fingers flecked with herbs and crayfish mustard tear the slippery abdomen from the carapace, the pink flesh taking a dunk in Meyer lemon pepper sauce before lips close around it, slurping the...

Cholita Linda Sets Up Permanent Home

by Elyce Berrigan-Dunlop

There are few places in Oakland that make you feel as though you’ve journeyed to a tropical beach town where the sun is shining on your shoulders and your cares are miles behind. But such is the...

Tis the Season for Heirloom Charentais Cantaloupes

by Cynthia Salaysay

Cantaloupes are still met with skepticism, even at farmers’ markets, perhaps due to years of eating insipid supermarket specimens. But at many market stalls, skepticism fades after a bite of...

Justin Mi and His Lobsta Truck

by Anneli Rufus

What if all the food gods got together and staged a succulence contest? Patterned after a beauty pageant, it would pit against each other the tenderest morsels of land, sea, and sky, seeking the...

Recently Visited Restaurants

Dining out in Berkeley, Temescal, Grand Lake, and Uptown

The new BAM/PFA

by Michael Fox

Whether you’re running a museum or a pizzeria, location is paramount. Currently nestled adjacent to the UC Berkeley campus, the Berkeley Art Museum is perfectly accessible and yet a tad out of...

Alameda Music Project Succeeds

by Matthew Craggs

A successful afterschool musical education program in Alameda expands to reach more underserved students.

Six Questions with Sarah Sexton

by Kyrsten Bean

Teaching emerging artists the basics of self-promotion.

This Month's Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Dragon Boat Fest, Alameda Tourneys, Fan Alert, and Star Trails and Cocktails.

September Calendar Listings

by Matthew Craggs

A roster of events going on this month.