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 October 2014

October 2014


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October Features

Best Doctors in the East Bay

by Linda Childers

Our annual directory of the best doctors in the East Bay features 249 physicians in 60 specialties.

How West Alameda Acquired Its Character

by Jakki Spicer

Consider this: In 1870, Webster Street was just a line on a map (and called Euclid Street, then—it would not even be named Webster for another five years), while Park Street was paved, lined with...

Alameda Health System Changes the Landscape

by Steven Tavares

The hospital landscape in Alameda County looks very different these days.

BART’s No-Nonsense GM Grace Crunican

by Robert Burnson

Grace Crunican was running through her standard list of questions: What do you think of BART? Are the trains on time? Are they clean? How about the stations? Do you feel safe?

October Departments

Cardnial Pointl, Best Of Observations, and Fan Mail

In praise of food for seniors plus some chest-beating Tweets.

Webster Versus Park

by Judith M. Gallman

A few years ago in Alameda, I strolled the length of Park Street on a summer afternoon and then did the same on Webster Street the next day. I jotted down impressions on the vibe of both...

Gathering for the Arts Pops Up in the East Bay

by Julia Park Tracey

Alameda resident Yollanda Gonzales started hosting an art salon in her apartment every month last year until her audience outgrew her space. Now she holds her salon in various places around the...

American Music in the Parks

by Julia Park Tracey

Have you stumbled across a couple of guys rehearsing their songs in Lincoln Park? The two stay-at-home dads were whiling away their time as their preschoolers played in sand and slide. E. Higgins...

Early Intervention Important for Hearing Loss

by Sarah Phelan

Gerry Litton and his wife, Carol, live in Oakland with six cats—and one other fuzzy addition that has crept into Litton’s life over the years: hearing loss.

Standing Desks Ease Some Back Pain

by Mike Rosen-Molina

Berkeley graphic designer Jessica Greenwalt, 28, was worried about mounting pains in her wrist and shoulder from hunching over a tablet all day. When she heard about standing desks, she thought she...

The Trouble With Mercury Fillings

by Kate Madden Yee

If you’ve ever had a dental filling, chances are you’ve got some mercury in your mouth. Those so-called silver fillings are a mixture of liquid elemental mercury and powdered silver, tin,...

Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter on a Good Death

by Nate Gartrell

Jessica Nutik Zitter, M.D., is an attending physician at Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital in Oakland and specializes in palliative care. But to the world she’s known as an expert on...

Greetings From Alameda

Greetings from Alameda! displays historic postcards collected by Gary Lenhart at AlamedaInfo.com. To view more postcards, or contribute to this collection, visit the website.

Alamedans Combat Drought

by Gina Jaber

What are you doing to save water?

Studio Grow and Sweet Charlie Boutique Open

by Karen Granados

Making play dates and shopping for vintage-style kids' clothes gets a lot easier on the Island.

Chris Rummell Upcycles Ideas Into Art

by Michael Singman-Aste

Chris Rummell stands behind the counter at St. Vincent de Paul’s Redux Studios & Gallery in Alameda in his signature Buddy Holly glasses, a long way from the dairy farm and sawmill on which he...

Grace and Humor Define the Rev. Christopher Peterson

by Gina Jaber

With a master of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, the Rev. Christopher Peterson is extremely enthusiastic about being new to town and serving as the pastor at First Presbyterian...

Julia Park Tracey Appointed Alameda Poet Laureate

Alameda has a new poet laureate, the second it the city’s history: Julia Park Tracey. Tracey, 51, is an award-winning writer, editor, journalist, and activist who was appointed in September to a...

Designing for Dogs and Cats

by Sarah Coombs

Animals are definite members of the family these days, and so it’s only natural that you make a place for them in your home. There’s absolutley no need, however, to let your decor go completely...

Tricks to Generate More Offers On Homes

by Rick Radin

Buyers in today’s hot real estate market are dealing with seller strategies that may sometimes seem puzzling and frustrating.

Detroit As An Oakland Doppelganger

by Susan Kuchinskas

If you tell someone you’re visiting Detroit, they’ll probably ask you why. In fact, its reputation as a hellhole is completely undeserved. It’s a city on the cusp of rebirth as a vital center...

Carmel Valley Roots and Attractions

by Elaine Hesser

Carmel Valley showcases some of the best of Monterey County—sans coastline, fog, and crowds—all in a 15-mile stretch of country road a few hours’ drive from Oakland. It’ll remind you of...

Nido Kitchen & Bar Ups the Ante

by Derk Richardson

Every so often, my relationship with a cuisine gets rebooted, and I’ll think of that food—Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, or Basque, for instance—as my all-time favorite. Nido Kitchen & Bar, where...

The Honey Trap at Boot & Shoe Service

by Stefanie Kalem

For as busy as they’ve been since opening in 2010—with the back bar area as bustling as the restaurant—Boot & Shoe Service has a fairly small bartending staff: bar manager Hortensia Mitura,...


by Cynthia Salaysay

October is the season for fresh pecans, but they aren’t easy to find at local farmers’ markets.

Iconic Bacon and Eggs at Ole's

by Matthew Craggs

In classic Americana, breakfast was revered as the most important meal of the day, and no other member of the Americana’s breakfast lexicon is more iconic than a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast...

Finding Farofa at Galeto Brazilian Grill

by Anneli Rufus

Sometimes, out of the blue, something enters your mouth that you’ve never tasted before and of which you’ve never heard.

Dining Updates in October

Eating our way around Alameda, Berkeley, Chinatown, and Jack London Square.

Autumn Lights Festival Shines at Lake Merritt

by Anne Weinberger

Long after the picnic blankets have been cleared, the boats have docked, and the joggers have mostly headed home, there’s often a light burning inside the office of Oakland Parks Supervisor Tora...

FREE Documents Destiny Arts

by Kate Madden Yee

Filmmakers David Collier and Suzanne LaFetra believe in love at first sight. Not just because they’re partners in life as well as work, but also because of a Destiny Arts Youth Company...

Wendy Lee Gadzuk Rocks East Oakland

by Michael Singman-Aste

Blues music plays softly in Wendy Lee Gadzuk’s East Oakland studio, packed with well-worn and comfy furniture, rock memorabilia, a three-legged cat, and the raw materials of her mixed-media...

Sakai Smith and Nikita Germaine Houston Tour With Train

by Linda Childers

When Train, the San Francisco rock band, released its latest album, Bulletproof Picasso, in September, fans could hear a bit of Oakland on it, thanks to background vocalists Sakai Smith and Nikita...

Thieves, Animals, and Ooh La La

by Judith M. Gallman

New releases from Pam Chun, Kiera Butler, and Renee Swindle.

This Month's Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Meow Meow, the sporting season, Oaktoberfest, fiery flamenco, and Warren Hellman remembered.

October Calendar Listings

by Matthew Craggs

A roster of events going on this month.