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 November 2014

November 2014


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November Features

Charter Teachers Unionize at ACLC and Nea

by By Mike McGreehan

The recent action by ACLC and Nea represents the edge of a movement gaining statewide ground as more and more teachers seek representation.

A Booklover’s Guide to East Bay Bookstores

by Matthew Craggs, Erika Mailman, Elise Proulx, Tanja Traber, and Julia Park Tracey

Our 15 favorite literary haunts for browsing, buying, selling, and just hanging out.

Cleaning Up Cal Sports

by Robert Jordan

The post-Barbour athletics department demands winning teams and improved academics, a huge undertaking that interim Athletic Director Michael Williams is tackling head-on.

Fun and (Bar) Games in the East Bay

by Nana K. Twumasi

Life-size Jenga, new-wave bowling, bocce, and more compete with old-school pool, darts, and pinball.

November Departments

The Truck Whisperers

by Mike McGreehan

An Alameda broker builds an international business insuring mobile restaurateurs.

The Briefing: Smart People, Smart Meters

Smart meters, Island Bowl, Spirits Alley and more

Hooked on a Feeling at Feel Good Kitchen

by Gina Jaber

Successful baker takes his talents to new heights.

Who is Rhamesis Muncada, and why is he hated in the East Bay?

by Steven Tavares

To some East Bay sports fans, blogger Rhamesis Muncada is as popular as a Denver Broncos fan sitting in the Oakland Coliseum’s Black Hole while wearing a bright orange John Elway jersey. He...

Revisiting Your Story About Amalgam Versus Composite

by Our Readers

Regarding the October 2014 “Mouths of Mercury” column by Kate Madden Yee in the East Bay Medical Guide: Perhaps a bit more inquiry might have been in order. I am not an amalgam-filling...

Merrymaking and Hunting for Gifts at Pippa and Therapy

by Karen Granados

From party supplies to furniture and gifts, Alameda’s latest retailers focus on purveying unique items just in time for the holiday shopping and party season. One store conveys a feeling of fairy...

Paint the Town Plaid

by Katie Cornell

Shake off that Thanksgiving food coma with deals at your favorite local shops.

Embrace the Dark Side at Your Home

by Sarah Coombs

It feels counterintuitive, but deep colors can fix a dim room.

A Hot Seller’s Market

by Rick Radin

The great majority of homes in many areas of Oakland and the East Bay are still selling for over the asking price with some eye-popping over-asking offers for some properties.

The Trouble With Truffles Is That They’re Hard to Find

by Erin Caslavka Deinzer

The first thing you’ll discover when truffle-hunting is that it’s much easier with a dog.

The Claws of the Land

by Matthew Craggs

Crab season opens this month and lasts well into next year, but why let commercial crabbers have all the fun? A short drive north brings you to the quaint fishing town of Bodega Bay, which offers...

Oysters on the Waterfront

by Derk Richardson

Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House bridges ultra-cool with old school.

Park Street, Pickled

by Matthew Craggs

Drinking from one side of Alameda to the other.

Pucker Up for Sour Suds

by Anneli Rufus

Tart and bright, sour beers are wildly popular.

More Wine, Less Whine

by Ethan Fletcher

A new generation of winemakers introduces their vintages to the Bay Area.

Cider Is Coming On Hard

by Kristan Lawson

It’s too early for cideries here, but their products are landing.

Tap Into New Brews

by Ethan Fletcher

A brewing renaissance shapes up in the East Bay.

Sipping Around the Pacific Rim

by Anneli Rufus

Shochu, soju, and other Asian spirits are gaining widespread attention at long last.

Call It the Sazerockridge

by Stefanie Kalem

The Graduate updates the Sazerac.

Falling for Ewes

by Cynthia Salasay

Seek cheese from dairy sheep for your feasts.

Thin Is In

by Matthew Craggs

Dig into Bar Dogwood’s grilled cheese for savory treat.

Use Your Noodle at Momo Masala

by Anneli Rufus

Sipping thenthuk, the Tibetan version of chicken soup, might cure the ills that ail you.

Recalling Little Italy at Barlago

by Anneli Rufus

Rustic lakeside trattoria is family-friendly enough to feel like home.

Clubbing for Christ

by Marcus Thompson

Club Zoe favors a wholesome approach for the nightlife scene.

Crowdsourcing a Move

by Michael Berry

Laurel Book Store heads to downtown Oakland with help from Indiegogo.

Eliminating the Elements

by Nate Gartrell

Khafre Jay credits rap music with helping guide him through tough times during his youth, which is one of the reasons he makes time to hold hip-hop workshops in Oakland schools, where he teaches...

Bringing out the Masses

by Matthew Craggs

OMCA celebrates local culture and community.

In This Drug War, Truth Was the First Casualty

by Stephen Buel

A decade after the San Jose Mercury News first wrote about how the U.S. government helped spread crack cocaine across black America, that story hit the Billboard charts. I’d been worrying about...

Take to the Kitchen, Italy, or the California Coast

by Judith M. Gallman

Eat like you care, explore your roots, and go on a road trip.

Danishes With a Dictator, Mushrooms in Mendo, and more

by Matthew Craggs

Highlights from our November calendar.