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Furniture and Fixtures as Art

by Karen Granados

Wood sanders buzz and power tools whir wildly as the USS Hornet hulks in the distance and a vision of the San Francisco skyline shimmers outside a warehouse on Alameda’s former Navy base. Inside,...

The Best Of Alameda 2014

by Matthew Craggs, Keith Gleason, Karen Granados, Carrie Kirby, Mike Rosen-Molina, Jakki Spicer, and Julia Park Tracey

Alameda has it going on. Readers and editors weigh in with their faves in this rendition of the Best Of for 2014.

School Smarts Demystifies AUSD Classrooms

by Sarah Weld

On a recent Tuesday night at Alameda’s Maya Lin School, 25 parents sit attentively despite being squished into small chairs. Instructor Gina Acebo stands at the blackboard under a rainbow, next...

Plans for Alameda Point Inch Foward Without a Developer

by Michael Howerton

The long-awaited development of Alameda and Oakland's decommissioned military bases get green lights. The future of both looks very different.



by Judith M. Gallman

For this year’s portrait of outstanding members of the class of 2014, the graduating seniors get to have their say. We also asked them to send in their selfies (that’s mine accompanying this...

Can Coaches Thwart Teacher Turnover?

by Robert Jordan

Whitnee Garrett is being tracked. Every step she takes in her history class at Roots International Academy is mapped. The 39 responses elicited from her students during a 20-minute span are...

Eye-Rolling and Rent Control

Readers' comments on our contents.

Don't Glorify Graffiti

Letters to the Editor

Neptune Pointe Tussle

by Eli Wolfe

Bitter land disputes aren’t exactly rare in Alameda. But even by local standards, the struggle for 4 acres of land near Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach has become exceptionally intense.

Form and Function in Home Design

by Judith M. Gallman

Design rules our lives, especially the furniture and décor that fill our homes. Imagine if you could outfit your surroundings with one-of-a-kind designs that felt more like works of art, replacing...

A Very Robust Best Of Survey

by Judith M. Gallman

As editor, I have my say all the time. But when do you get to have your say? In July, we celebrate Alameda with the Best Of issue, which shares what readers love most about Island life via an...

Bike Improvements Coming to Alameda

by Janina Glasov

In April, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved $8.7 million to expand Bay Area Bike Share to the East Bay in Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville. But bike-loving Alameda was left out....

At Odds Over Your Pro-Business, Anti-Activist Stance on Occupy Oakland

Letters to the editor on Occupy Oakland and the future of Alameda Point.

TVs, Radios, and Picture Tubes

by Keith Gleason

Old radios, microphones, and televisions lined up everywhere. Fifteen hundred stacked boxes of vacuum tubes, books, magazines, photographs, phonographs, amplifiers, audiotapes, testing equipment,...

Toni Hudson of Goods

by Gina Jaber

Toni Hudson, owner of Goods, an eclectic gift shop on Santa Clara Avenue, is a self-proclaimed “accidental shop owner.” A quick chat with the knowledgeable owner and the chic look of the store...

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft Promotes Biking

by Gina Jaber

“I want Alameda to become one of America’s top bicycle-friendly cities."

Evolution and Revolution at Alameda Magazine

by Judith M. Gallman

Alameda Magazine gets an organizational upgrade.

Greetings From Alameda

Greetings from Alameda displays historic postcards collected by Gary Lenhart at AlamedaInfo.com.

Tips on Photography

by Karen Granados

The digital age has ushered in instant sharing of almost every image imaginable. Within seconds, images of you—including the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly—can be viewed by hundreds,...

Remembering Dream Francisco

by Tara Taylor

John Francisco works hard to keep the legacy of his brother, Mike “Dream” Francisco, alive. Dream, a prolific Oakland graffiti artist, was the fatal victim of an armed robbery in Oakland in...

Lehman Signs on Signature Development Group for Oak Knoll Navy Hospital

by Michael Howerton

The decommissioned naval hospital property at Oak Knoll may make headway in 2014.


by Gina Jaber

We ask Alamedans what's on their minds on a topical issue.

Dog-Friendly Alameda

by Gina Jaber

For the most part, the consensus is in the dog's favor.

Hospital Lifeline

by Gina Jaber

Alamedans share their views on the new alliance.

Keeping an Open Mind

by Gina Jaber

Civic Drawing Board asks Alameda citizens and civic leaders to indentify a concrete change that would improve their town.

More Stadium Games in Oakland

by John Geluardi

While sports fans adjust to the seemingly inevitable flight of the Golden State Warriors to San Francisco, city officials and business leaders have redoubled their efforts to keep the A’s and the...

Dandelions, Wine, and Beer

by Karen Granados

When you want to know the story behind your drink, come to CRAFT Beer & Wine. Owners Russell Rasmussen and Dan Marshall know more than a thing or two about their crafts and can expertly discuss how...

Masked Kids and (Other) Creepy Primates

by Michael Singman-Aste

It all started with a devil space monkey.

Centerforce Gives Oakland Youth Court New Life

by Nate Gartrell

When Cleveland Mitchell first learned in 2011 that Oakland’s McCullum Youth Court was losing funding and on the verge of closing its doors, he could hardly contain his disappointment. Having been...

Miriam Infinger Breaks Free Through Art

by Michael Singman-Aste

Miriam Infinger’s family loaded up their trailer and headed West from Illinois, finally settling in Alaska, where she grew up alongside the boy who would eventually be Sarah Palin’s pastor.

A New City Across the Estuary

by Nate Gartrell

If you went to the Alameda-Oakland estuary and saw Brooklyn Basin today, it might be hard to envision that this large field of dirt mounds adjacent to derelict warehouse space could one day be a...

How to Make a Statement with Your Front Door

by Sarah Coombs

As we roll into summer here in the East Bay, one thing is certain: We’ll all be spending lots of time outdoors. That makes this the perfect time to update your home’s exterior. No need to...

Popular Powder Rooms

by Sarah Coombs

Does this sound familiar? Years ago you bought a great house. It has a sunny living room, a sizable yard, and enough bedrooms to fit your family. There’s just one problem: It could really use...

Three new books: Afro-Vegan, Explosion Green, and Glitter and Glue

by Judith M. Gallman

Three new books on cooking, building, and growing up.

Tempted by Taipei

by Ginger Dingus

Imagine steamy hot springs surrounded by luxurious spas, stunning mountain scenery, opulent temples, and exotic dining. Add eye-popping skyscrapers and trendy art in unlikely spaces. Mykonos?...

Housing Boom Is No Bubble

by Rick Radin

Anytime a blog post or news story appears that cites the skyrocketing cost of Bay Area real estate, some readers in the online comments section point to signs of a housing bubble such as the one...

Hope for Borrowers

by Rick Radin

During the last boom, financing a home loan was pretty easy, with buyers needing little or no money down to qualify for conventional loans. Then came the bust, and with it tightened regulations...

Alameda Artist Michael Tunk Does Wonders With Collage

by Michael Singman-Aste

Alamedia features the work of collage artist Michael Tunk.

Healdsburg Is Wine Country In Miniature

by Kristan Lawson

The Wine Country’s dirty little secret is that it revolves around two incompatible activities: drinking and driving.In Sonoma County’s rural tasting rooms, the vino flows freely, and the...

Italy's Pantelleria Feels Like Africa

by Kristan Lawson

When Europe starts feeling too homogenized, you head farther and farther south. But Rome’s too frenetic, so you decamp for Sicily, which has marzipan and Mount Etna but after a few days feels too...

Nebraska Worth a Visit

by Anneli Rufus

Californians, confess: You’re so weary of crowds, condescension, and fennel-infused hipper-than-thouitude that you yearn to run screaming to a simpler place where history meets wildlife meets...

Alamedans Identify Their Favorite Streets and Boulevards

by Gina Jaber

Six Alamedans talk about their favorite streets.

5 Lighting Tips From the Pros

by Jeanne Storck

Most of us probably take lighting for granted. Flip on the switch, and as long as you can see what you’re doing, you’re good. But lighting can be magical. It can change the mood in a room and...

Make Way to Monterey Bay

by Matthew Craggs

Too often relegated to a series of blurred images outside car windows zooming along Highway 1 between Monterey and Santa Cruz, Moss Landing perches on Monterey Bay’s easternmost tip. This...

Blast into Placerville's Past

by Audrey Medina

The stained-glass windows gracing the lobby in Placerville’s Cary House Hotel (www.CaryHouse.com) tell of wagon trains crossing the Sierra Nevada, prospectors panning for gold, and fruit orchards...

Alameda Cheese and Goods Purveyors Give Picnic-Packing Tips

by Karen Granados

Cheese, wine, bread, snacks, and the just-right containers for a picnic.

Take It Outside

by Sarah Coombs

Summer comes late to us here in the East Bay. That’s good news. It means there’s still time to prep your backyard for the next two months of typically warm weather.

Norwegian Air Simplifies Transatlantic Travel from Oakland

by Judith M. Gallman

An interesting thing happened after Norwegian Air Shuttle announced that it would offer low-cost transatlantic flights to and from a handful of U.S. cities, including Oakland. The dominant air...

International Rescue Committee Launches New Roots Garden at Laney College

by Anna Mindess

A melting pot of farmers share agriculture practices at a community garden, New Roots, at Laney College.

Simple Redo Versus Major Overhaul

by Sarah Coombs

Interior designers are asked this question a lot, especially when it comes to kitchens: "How much can I change it without changing everything?" After all, the renovation of no other room wreaks...

Bold, Monochromatic, and Patterned

by Sarah Coombs

For years, white kitchens have reigned supreme. It’s easy to see why. They’re clean, bright, and tasteful; they’ll always be classic. But there’s a new kind of style on the block, and...

New Life for The UC Theatre

by Andrew Gilbert

The benighted and newly engaged couple of Brad and Janet, the doomed Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and the rest of the zany crew from Transsexual, Transylvania, are headed back to Berkeley. The UC Theatre on...

The Metamorphosis of SFMOMA

by DeWitt Cheng

With the recent gallery and nonprofit closures and downsizings, and artist evictions, the Bay Area art world is undergoing tough times. Even our traditional freewheeling Bohemian ethos looks...

The East Bay Review Debuts

by Andrea A. Firth

Over beers in a rental in Mendocino one evening, six young writers kicked around the idea of starting a new literary magazine-a journal that would publish what they liked to read, not be too...

Full-tilt Fall Arts Preview

by DeWitt Cheng, Rita Felciano, Michael Fox, Julia Park Tracey, Andrew Gilbert, and Sam Hurwitt

The fall arts season offers exciting programming across many genres.

Dining Review of Pathos

by Derk Richardson

After our first dinner at Pathos in May, I said to Robin, “There wasn’t anything we ate that I wouldn’t order again.” And that was saying something, because five of us, parked in a comfy...

Doble Bar’s Feather Weight Shim

by Stefanie Kalem

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration. And yet, observes bartender Jessica Moncada, “The most celebratory aspect is often overlooked.” Moncada was surprised to discover that with the...

Renovating a Home of a Certain Age

by Sarah Coombs

An Alameda interior decorator, Sarah Coombs, talks to real estate agents about updating houses.

Doukkala Puts a California Slant on Moroccan Cuisine

by Kathryn Jessup

For all its food-loving extravagance, the Bay Area has little in the way of Moroccan cuisine. But if you ask Jamal Zahid, whose family has owned a Moroccan restaurant in Oakland’s Temescal...

Seasonal Berries

by Cynthia Salaysay

In May, the fragrance of strawberries drifts through local farmers markets. Follow the scent, and you may find yourself at the Swanton Berry Farm stand. Swanton is one of a number of excellent...

Poor Staging and Scant Marketing Lead to Deal on a Chabot Highlands Home

by Elise Proulx

Poor marketing and staging work in buyers' favor on Chabot Highlands sale.

Poor Staging and Scant Marketing Lead to Deal on a Chabot Highlands Home

by Elise Proulx

Poor marketing and staging work in buyers' favor on Chabot Highlands sale.

Camino's Old Cuban Is the Perfect Summer Drink

by Stefanie Kalem

Oakland’s celebrated Camino is named for the fire over which its food is cooked—“camino” means “fireplace” in Italian—but it may as well be named for the discernible route each...

Bibimbop at Bowl'd

by Anneli Rufus

Korea’s national dish, bibimbop, combines within each mouthful many different textures (tender, crunchy, chewy, gooey) and flavors (fresh, sweet, smoky, starchy, tangy, salty, fiery). And in its...

Travel to Mendocino Village, Caspar, and Fort Bragg

by Anneli Rufus

Splendor dominates Mendocino County's man-mande and natural attractions.

Venga Paella’s Manchego Con Membrillo

by Anneli Rufus

Certain food combinations are inextricably associated with specific locales. Fish and chips. Red beans and rice. Certain partnerships are so particular, so otherwise obtuse, as to evoke all by...

Recently Visited Restaurants

Where we've been lately: Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant and Tea House, Lola’s Chicken Shack, Iyasare, Molcajete Cocina Mexicana.

Santa Cruz in the Off Season

by Matthew Craggs

A winter trip to Santa Cruz takes in the sights, from Seabright Brewery to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Nectarines In Season Now

by Cynthia Salaysay

Poems to peaches are common enough. Google “ode to a peach” and there are plenty of hits. But odes to nectarines, their smoother-skinned cousins? They’re fewer and farther between. But they...

Recently Visited Restaurants

Dining out in Alameda, Uptwon, Rockridge, and North Oakland.

Marshawn Lynch Makes His Own Movie

by Marcus Thompson

Marshawn Lynch wants to tell his own story. Many have tried as the Oakland native has become an NFL star. Many more will want to now that he’s a Super Bowl champion. But Lynch believes, more...

Portrait of Iconoclastic Eugene Tssui

by Michael Fox

Kyung Lee, like countless people before her, was more than impressed by her first encounter with one-of-a-kind East Bay architect Eugene Tssui.

Asian Chefs From Sunhui Chang to James Syhabout Reinvent the Food of Their Youth

by Ethan Fletcher

Young Asian chefs and restaurateurs in Oakland love the food of their home countries and their youth, like the salty-sweet street fare from Mumbai’s beaches or the spicy roasted Siamese peanuts...

Dragon Gate Does Street-style Taiwanese

by Derk Richardson

Deep in Dragon Gate Bar & Grille’s multisection menu, I found the dish that called my name: Idiot Noodle. It also brought to mind my friend Tim Ware’s composition, "Idiot Glee," and held out...

JaYing Wang Masters the Mosaic

by Michael Singman-Aste

Bochan Huy Fuses Cambodian Rock and Hip-Hop

by Anneli Rufus

In one video, Bochan Huy puffs a cigar and sings soulfully about luxury cars. In another, she wears shimmering traditional Cambodian costumes in scenes cross-cut with photographs of people executed...

Legal Eats Teaches Culinary Entrepreneurs the Laws on Home Businesses

by Rachel Trachten

Legal Eats teaches foodie entrepreneurs the ins and outs of running a home business so they won't be breaking any laws.

alaMar Docks In Uptown

by Matthew Craggs

Saucy fingers flecked with herbs and crayfish mustard tear the slippery abdomen from the carapace, the pink flesh taking a dunk in Meyer lemon pepper sauce before lips close around it, slurping the...

New Susan Sontag Documentary

by Michael Fox

It was a day much like any other in her Berkeley office in the Zaentz Media Center when Nancy Kates was struck with the idea of making a documentary about the late essayist and novelist Susan...

Eileen Meredith Hits the High Notes

by Gina Jaber

A Q&A with the Virago Theatre Company maven.

Pasta as Comfort Food, from Bellanico to Pizzaiolo

by Ethan Fletcher

Our favorite comfort foods are often those that we ate as kids. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in the case of pasta—one of the all-time top comfort foods—many of Oakland’s favorite...

Cholita Linda Sets Up Permanent Home

by Elyce Berrigan-Dunlop

There are few places in Oakland that make you feel as though you’ve journeyed to a tropical beach town where the sun is shining on your shoulders and your cares are miles behind. But such is the...

Markings of Milestone

by Michael Singman-Aste

You know a gallery is a nexus of civilization when the Minister of Culture himself exhibits there. In June, Joyce Gordon Gallery hosted the prints of graphic artist Emory Douglas, who held that...

Community-Minded Oakopolis

by Michael Singman-Aste

Like the rabbit hole that transported Alice, the hallway goes on and on, leading visitors to an equally curious destination at its terminus: An art gallery that is not for profit, but not a...

Build, East Bay Spice Company, Italian Colors, and Others Add Flowers to Food and Drink

by Anneli Rufus

You can and should eat the flowers making their way onto your dinner plate and into your highball glass.

Abracadabra Association

by Anneli Rufus

A black-waistcoated, ponytailed man pulls a ball of light from his assistant’s ear. He pulls more glowing orbs from his forehead and hands, then makes his glowing wand appear to levitate.

Books on Shady Characters, Fashionistas, and Harleys

by Judith M. Gallman

Three reads by Bay Area writers.

Homestead Does Hip Donuts

by Anneli Rufus

Typecast as a plebeian treat for plebeians ever since they first appeared in the English-speaking world, donuts, formerly and still sometimes known as doughnuts, are cheap and easy to make. A...

Tis the Season for Heirloom Charentais Cantaloupes

by Cynthia Salaysay

Cantaloupes are still met with skepticism, even at farmers’ markets, perhaps due to years of eating insipid supermarket specimens. But at many market stalls, skepticism fades after a bite of...

Self-Haters, Animal Lovers, and Trendsetters

by Judith M. Gallman

Unworthy, Zooburbia, and This Is Oakland get mentions in Media Shelf.

May Event Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Editor picks for the month.

Justin Mi and His Lobsta Truck

by Anneli Rufus

What if all the food gods got together and staged a succulence contest? Patterned after a beauty pageant, it would pit against each other the tenderest morsels of land, sea, and sky, seeking the...

May Calendar Listings

by Matthew Craggs

A roster of events for the current month.

Recently Visited Restaurants

Dining out in Berkeley, Temescal, Grand Lake, and Uptown

This Month's Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Robots, National Poetry Slam, Independence Day, Supermoons, and Classic Films.

July and August Calendar Listings

by Matthew Craggs

A roster of events going on this month.

The new BAM/PFA

by Michael Fox

Whether you’re running a museum or a pizzeria, location is paramount. Currently nestled adjacent to the UC Berkeley campus, the Berkeley Art Museum is perfectly accessible and yet a tad out of...

New Drink Program at The Ramen Shop

by Stefanie Kalem

The popular Ramen Shop steps up its cocktail game under head bartender Chris Lane's direction.

Tah-Chin at Zand's

by Anneli Rufus

Tah-chin is an elegant, irresistible Iranian treat.

Alameda Music Project Succeeds

by Matthew Craggs

A successful afterschool musical education program in Alameda expands to reach more underserved students.

Berkeley's Thai Noodle Offers Great Tea Leaf Salad

by Anneli Rufus

Tea isn't just for sipping; you can eat it too, in a tea leaf salad a Thai Noodle, or try it as a savory soup from Numi Organic Tea.

Six Questions with Sarah Sexton

by Kyrsten Bean

Teaching emerging artists the basics of self-promotion.

Starter Baker Sets off the Kouign-amann Trend

by Cynthia Salaysay

Brian Wood of Starter Bakery introduces Kouign-amann to the Bay Area and launches a trend.

Chicha, Lungomare, Cock-a-Doodle, Stag's, and Bull Valley Roadhouse

by Judith M. Gallman

New and return visits to restaurants on Webster Street, Old Oakland, Uptown, Jack London Square, and Contra Costa County.