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Letters to the Editor

Podcaster Praise

Readers sound off on Drew Ackerman, dog poop, and black lager beer.

Bridging the Estuary

Readers sound off on the plan to build a bicycle/pedestrian bridge across the estuary, the Pacific Standard Taproom, and Janet Napolitano.

Harbor Seal Haven

Readers sound off on floating docks for seals, Dave Newhouse, Mandy's Jewelers, and Rae Dunn.

Water, Food, and Fish

Readers sound off on water, food, fish, and the healing powers of nature.

Rent Stabilization, Not Rent Control

Readers sound off on Measures M1 and L1, Mayor Trish Spencer, and San Leandro.

Is it Meddling Or Is It Merely Representation?

Readers either loved or hated our piece on Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer.

Feedback About the Best Of Issue

Joe Stack says thanks, and Jerry Iserson calls Daysog undemocratic.

In Favor of Later School Starts

Support for a later-starting school day, facts about Lincoln Park, and Palmento a Dopo fans.

Hooray for Cat Brewer and Bowl’d

Readers pine for more deaf access at theaters, fall for Bowl’d, and like the new blog.

Hot Over Lack of Helmets

Readers chastise us for photographing helmet-less riders in the article on Central Avenue changes.