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Three Don't-Miss Shop Ops

Retail Roundup

Man About Town

A.J. “Lil” Arnerich is a former minor league professional baseball player, city council member, vice mayor, and supervisor for Alameda Recreation and Park Department athletics.

He's a Believer

John Beall is a fitness trainer-turned-chiropractor and owner of Rise Bodyworks, a multifaceted sports, fitness, and wellness clinic in Alameda.

Motivationally Speaking

While I have been exercising for a while, my wife keeps complaining about wanting to lose weight but isn’t doing anything about it.

Jazzed Up

Artists like Carl Weingarten know that inspiration can strike any time.

Growing Native

When Jeff Bridge first heard about the opening for a manager at Ploughshares Nursery, he “leapt at the chance,” he says. “I had worked in mainstream nurseries for awhile and I had volunteered with invasive species eradication projects along creeks and beaches.

Alamedia: Who Shot Andy Warhol?

Thom Lafferty, photographer, painter, and sculptor, died in his home in Alameda on April 15 at age 89. His two-man show at the Alameda Museum in February capped a career spanning six decades with exhibitions in galleries on both coasts.

Tennis, Anyone?

Any middle-aged men out there up for a tennis challenge? Former Alameda resident, ex-cop, and tennis world-record holder Rob Peterson is and has embarked upon his goal to be the oldest man—at age 54—to beat a Top 100 men’s player from the Association of Tennis Professionals tour.

Come Sail Away

If you judged sailing by the flashy 72-foot America’s Cup boats that are at the Artemis and Luna Rossa headquarters at Alameda Point, you might think sailing was just a sport for rich men.