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Drexl Brings Bunny Breckenridge to the Bar

Bartender Alex Condé loves Bill Murray, and this cocktail of the month carries the name of a character he played in Ed Wood.

Kin Ferate’s Kid Curry

A bartender at the Fireside Lounge is plays around with drinks, tweaking the recipes to appeal to people’s tastes.

Toasts' Tippler’s Tea Gets Your Irish Up

The cocktail of the month offers a nod to Irish heritage and St. Patrick’s Day, mixing breakfast tea–infused Jameson with sherry.

Bar Three Fifty-Five Revives the Lion’s Tale

Resurrecting a vintage cocktail with bourbon.

A Twist of the Lion’s Tale

Bar Three Fifty-five resurrects a vintage cocktail with bourbon.

Getting Serious About Cocktails

Kingman’s Germain Jackson is good for your soul.

Getting Serious About Cocktails

Kingman’s Germain Jackson is good for your soul.

Fun and (Bar) Games in the East Bay

Many bars and restaurants rely on games—from video poker to arcade and board games—to help us kill time while we’re killing time. In the East Bay, such bar games are experiencing a revival, with gaming options abounding in dive bars and upscale joints alike.

Cider Is Coming On Hard

For centuries in colonial and early America, cider—not that unfiltered syrupy apple juice you knew in childhood, but hard cider, fermented from bitter apples—was the dominant adult beverage, more popular than beer or wine. But starting in the late 19th century—thanks first to beer-loving German immigrants, then Prohibition—cider abruptly fell from grace.

Tap Into New Brews

Did you know that when West Oakland’s Linden Street Brewery opened back in 2009, that it was the first production brewery to open in Oakland in 40 years? Five years later, that little fun fact is even harder to believe, given the explosion of activity in the city’s beer-making scene. Here are the newest players in Oakland’s burgeoning brewing renaissance.