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The Gift Guide

Timeless Timepieces

The fact that the big hand on most clocks points to the minutes—the smaller unit of time—never made sense to Douglas Chalk. Neither did the idea of the ticking of a clock.

15 Muir's Genteel and Refined Past

Elegant, graceful, effortlessly cultured, and consistently romantic, the home at 15 Muir Ave. in Piedmont’s posh Crocker Terrace neighborhood is the perfect balance of formal space and casual living.

The Monumental Art of Burning Man and the Artists Behind It

Inside the studios of four teams of Burning Man artists, including a veteran Berkeleyite Burner, an Alameda husband-and-wife team, an Oakland father-son duo, and a trio of close friends.

Head South to San Leandro

Sandwiched between its more populated neighbors of Oakland and Hayward, San Leandro can sometimes get overlooked. But this close-knit and diverse community has lots to offer, and it’s only a short BART ride (or quick drive) away.

Scenes From Outside Lands 2016

Scenes From Outside Lands 2016

Longbranch Saloon Surpasses Expectation

From a distance, the Longbranch Saloon seemed to be mostly about the drinking, especially the drinking of beer (24 selections on tap), whiskey (150 whiskies, bourbons, and ryes), and wine, all offered in flights, as well as craft cocktails. But it's also a restaurant where we experienced something close to a perfect meal.

Meet the Other Brazil

Brazil is far more varied than the regions best known to Americans. Much of Southern Brazil, engine of the country’s industrial and agricultural economy, is strikingly reminiscent of Europe. Four of Brazil’s southernmost states—Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande du Sul—rarely get much attention, but should, because they teem with wildlife, attractions, agriculture, and a healthy German obsession with beer.

California's Wildlife Refuges Are Dying of Thirst

For the past 20-plus years, the federal government has failed to supply the full amount of water to these unique lowland wildernesses, as required by law, and in places, the number of birds has dropped steadily.

At 6589 Oakwood Dr., It's You and the View

The thoroughly modern home at 6589 Oakwood Drive in Oakland with bridge-to-bridge views boasts dark bamboo flooring, hypermodern finishes, and an expanse of windows.