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Nutrition Revolution

    An Alameda-based company, Revolution Foods, is changing the way kids eat at school by bringing mostly organic and more nutritious foods to school lunch programs in a few select Oakland and Los Angeles schools.
    Thanks to this ambitious, forward-thinking lunch-service provider, area kids are trading in their frozen corn dogs and fish sticks for freshly prepared barbecue chicken and roasted potatoes, ingesting less fat, less sugar and more protein in the process. Students can also enjoy pizza and chicken nuggets, but Rev Foods serves improved, health-conscious versions parents can be comfortable with.
    In “Lunchroom Coup,” Noelle Robbins, an Island mom and food lover, traces the Rev Foods evolution from the idea Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Toby cooked up at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and the company’s founding in 2006 to its current status as a cutting-edge cafeteria revolutionary. Today Rev foods—which ensures its ingredients are local, fresh and at least 50 percent organic—operates with assembly line precision out of the old McDonald’s at Alameda Point, delivering meals daily to 80 public and charter schools.
    School lunch isn’t all that Rev Foods does. The company also has developed a line of products such as the peanut butter, chips and fruit snacks that Whole Foods Markets is carrying. Watch for this Alameda startup to one day be a nutrition titan with a familiar household brand denoting yummy, good-for-you contents kids will love.
    On the other end of the age spectrum, Linda Childers hangs out with a few local seniors whose lives are so active they’re actually are hard to keep up with. In “The Time of Their Lives,” she checks out what’s going on for seniors in and around Alameda, heading to Mastick Senior Center and Mariner Square Athletic Club and beyond. Her refreshing findings are summarized in a handy resource directory that makes finding an activity or service a cinch. By the time you read her report about lifelong learning, volunteering and getting help as a senior, you’ll be embracing the oncoming silver tsunami with gusto.
    Also in this issue is the annual East Bay Medical Guide. The guide includes a list of the area’s top doctors as well as articles on dentistry, dementia, ADHD and libido. The guide also contains a directory of hospitals and a comprehensive list of East Bay physicians in an effort to put health information in a concise format at your fingertips for easy reference all year long.
    If kids, seniors and healthcare don’t ring your bell, maybe Jimmy Lyons, Jack Buckley, Frank Bette at Alameda Towne Centre or Jim Morrison will. Or how about hostess gifts, sausage makers or a New Age flugelhorn player? That’s all here, too, plus Gina Jaber, a Roy Creekmore recipe, Jeff Diamond subbing for Kent Rosenblum on wine, a feature on BurgerMeister and Alamedia.
    What do you want to know about Alameda? Drop me an e-mail and see where it leads.

Judith M. Gallman


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