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Library Fan

    I’m a big reader, but I’m not much of a library user. I buy way more books than I check out. But the new Main Branch of the Alameda Free Library could change all that for me.
    It’s a gorgeous building, handsome from the red brick exterior to the arched interior ceiling and beyond. Everything about it is great: Patrons can park with ease on Lincoln, the library collection has room to double and once a reader pulls a best-seller off the shelf, he can sink into a comfortable easy chair and get lost in that book. On top of that, there’s a cute volunteer-run cafe, sunny outside seating and more computers for Internet access. And not only is the library grand, it’s also green and LEED certified. For those who haven’t popped in yet, make a point to visit this architecturally significant structure soon, but in the meantime, Alameda Magazine readers can get a full guided tour in this issue, courtesy of local freelancer Tyler Ribera, who was on hand for the grand opening. Ribera catalogues the development of the library and captures the communitywide civic pride the new building instills in Alamedans. Photographer Deborah Sherman uses her camera to produce stunning visuals of the new facility.
    Also in this issue, first-time contributor Jeff Swenerton, a writer who specializes in urban planning issues, takes a look at Island redevelopment, turning his eye toward what’s not going to be built at Alameda Point and what Denver-based developer Catellus does have on the front-burner for Alameda Landing, a swank retail and office complex near the College of Alameda and Bayport. I hope you enjoy reading what’s happening on Alameda’s development front.

Judith M. Gallman

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