Local Color

    George David Powell paints with many mediums, but it’s the challenge of watercolor that draws him in the most. “With watercolor,” Powell explains, “if you don’t get it down the first time, you’ve lost it. So you have to plan in your mind and your heart what you’re going to do and then lay it down.” Powell finds inspiration in Alameda’s architecture and natural light. The subject of the painting featured here, Victorian Home in Alameda, stands on the corner of Willow Street and San Jose Avenue and is one of Powell’s favorite structures. He began this composition as he does all his watercolors: with a thumbnail sketch. Then, as he sets in the color, he lets the image’s tones guide the theme. Powell heads the Alameda Arts Association, and one of his landscape paintings hangs at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts, where he often exhibits. A 20-year military veteran with a Purple Heart, Powell says he’s most honored by those who appreciate his art. “If my work makes someone happy,” he says, “then I’ve done my job.”
—Watercolor by George David Powell
—By Patsy K. Eagan

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