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Feel Good’s Rick Kellner on Food, Drink Faves


     Putting the “feel good” in baked goods is easy for Rick Kellner, founder of Feel Good Bakery. A beloved fixture at many a farmers market around the East Bay as well as throughout the Bay Area, the 7-year-old bakery strives to unite old-world technique with Left Coast values, emphasizing the freshest, highest quality organic and natural ingredients as well as old-school slow- food methods. Witness the wild yeast combination that bolsters the Feel Good sourdough and the long fermentation that goes into the triple levain breads.
     These days, Kellner, 46, is focusing on adding to Feel Good’s gluten-free pastry offerings, which currently include macarons and flourless chocolate cake. “It’s a totally different beat on the bread side of things. As far as bread goes, we love gluten and what it can do,” he explains. “But pastry-wise, it’s not a fad — it’s a very real long-term trend, I’m going to say. And we want to offer amazing, delicious gluten-free stuff. There’s a lot of not-good things that are gluten-free out there. You need the right amount of pure ingredients and not too much sugar.”
Sweet — just like Kellner’s Alameda food and drink favorites.

Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden
Julie’s has been a customer of ours from day one. Besides that, I’m a customer of theirs. I love their lemon ginger brew and the whole environment, inside and outside.
1223 Park St., (510) 865-2385,

Mona’s Table
I live up the street from Mona’s Table — that’s a favorite for me and my 3-year-old, mostly for breakfast and brunch. Irish potato pancakes are a favorite with my family.
3215 Encinal Ave., unit A, (510) 814-6179,

The Hobnob
We’re huge fans of Hobnob’s little hidden food thing in the back. Amy Voisenat, the owner, is sweet and charming — a great chef. We like all of their salads, which change seasonally, and their truffle fries, which have Parmesan spider webs. Pretty amazing.
1313 Park St., (510) 769-1011,

Alameda Backyard Growers
I don’t actually eat out a lot. I grow a lot of our food for me and my family. So I’m going to throw in Alameda Backyard Growers. They’re a great little organization that meets once a month and all the members are encouraged to bring food the night of the meeting that goes to the Alameda Food Bank the next morning. It’s a great outlet for stuff we overgrow, going from our backyard to people’s mouths in less than a day. I love that.

Alameda Natural Grocery Store
To supplement what we don’t grow, I really love Alameda Natural Grocery and what it does for the whole Island — all their produce and tons of
specialty packaged things. I like their baked kale chips.
1650 Park St., Unit L, (510) 865-1500,

Feel Good Bakery

 Alameda Marketplace, 1650 Park St., (510) 864-2733,

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