Storms, Protests, and Development Updates

News of interest to Alamedans


New Officials

Mayor Trish Spencer and councilmen Frank Matarrese and Jim Oddie were sworn in Dec. 16, the same night the Del Monte project was green-lighted for 380 new homes.


TLC Withdraws

Tim Lewis Communities, or TLC, has bailed on its plans to build housing at Crab Cove. The developer withdrew its housing application in mid-November, ending community opposition that culminated with the city rezoning the property in question to open space.


Measure H

Refunds to commercial property owners who paid more than $120 per year in Measure H taxes face an impending deadline to file claims, so they can go to the Alameda Unified School District’s website,, to request refunds.


Rents Rise

The average cost of rental housing in Alameda has increased more quickly than other markets in Alameda County and the Bay Area over the last year, with an 18.4 percent increase compared with 11.6 percent in Alameda County and 11.4 percent across the Bay Area.


Arson Update

Stephen Peterson, the folk musician who was arrested for but later cleared of arson, held at a benefit concert for arson victims at Rooster’s Roadhouse.


Storm Survial

The Island withstood the storm of the season without sizable damage, though school kids got the day off when classes were cancelled, and about 3 inches of rain drenched the Island.


Lives Matter

A mostly white group of Alamedans protested the police shootings of unarmed black men in New York and Missouri with signs that said “Black Lives Matter” and “Life, Liberty, and Justice for All!” as they chanted “Black lives matter! All lives matter!” in a march from City Hall to Park Street at an hour-long peaceful rally.


Tube Closed

Oakland protestors closed the Posey Tube for a few hours by chaining themselves together on the northbound ramp of Interstate 880 at Broadway in December.


Sad Day

Sam Sause (1936-2014), Rotarian, Navy League booster, Alameda Point Collaborative supporter, Grand Transport owner, and freight logistics guru, died in December. A memorial service has been set for noon Jan. 10 at Christ Episcopal Church.


Surcharge Coming

The East Bay Municipal Utility District want customers to conserve more and pay more to offset reservoirs affected by drought.

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