Tavares Taken to Task

Letters from our December Issue


Regarding the Dec. 1 article concerning Alameda mayor’s race [“Seismic Shocks on Election Day,” December] by Steven Tavares, I have a specific issue with this sentence: “However, unlike Spencer, where the incumbent avoided negative campaigning, the firefighters’ union and other special interest groups consistently slammed Matarrese with a torrent of mailers.”

At no time did the Alameda Firefighters PAC or any Alameda firefighters money fund any type of mailers or polling that was negative in nature towards Frank Materrese or for that matter any other candidate in the 2014 election. We follow all reporting requirements, and if we do put information out to the public, we have no problem putting our name to it.

Jeff DelBono, President, Alameda Firefighters Local 689

Editor’s Note: Indeed, our article was inaccurate on this issue.


For Shame

I am shocked! Your gift guide [“Presents of Mind,” December] sent shoppers to our competitor in SF! Yes, we [Bay Area Bikes], too, will have the Stromer ST2. You also just sent tax dollars OUT of Oakland and into the city that doesn’t need those $$ as much as Oakland does. Not to mention the fact that we had a huge break-in and WE need the business to stay in business in Oakland. Shame on you.

Glenda Barnhart, Oakland


Sea Hares and Kitsch Queen

Guess we’re staying under the sea today … look at these monsters.

From ScienceRevie @BerkeleySciReview

Sea slugs are cool!

From EastBayRegionalParks @ERPD

“Punk-rock June Cleaver” aka @Blazenhoff just got profiled. So grateful to have this amazing woman in my life.

From HeatherVescent @HeatherVescent

I can’t own the ‘Queen of Kitsch’ title but am happy to be featured in #AlamedaMagazine!

From Rusty Blazehoff @Blazenhoff


More on Marcus

Your article on the best East Bay bookstores [“A Booklover’s Guide to East Bay Bookstores,” November] was informative. However, you overlooked a bookstore gem. Founded over 50 years ago by legendary activists Julian and Raye Richardson, Marcus Books is the country’s oldest black bookstore. People of all races patronize Marcus Books for its extensive inventory of books (including an extensive children’s section), periodicals, greeting cards, posters, and other items covering the black experience from Africa to throughout the world.

Dianne Millner, Oakland

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