A Very Robust Best Of Survey

The editor shares readers' comments on the Best Of poll.


As editor, I have my say all the time. But when do you get to have your say?

In July, we celebrate Alameda with the Best Of issue, which shares what readers love most about Island life via an online polling system. This year’s ballot was more robust than usual, proving a bit cumbersome for some voters who gave us what for in the comments section on their ballots.

“This is a hard survey to fill out, and the account creation process makes it even more difficult. Many barriers to entry. I am a local Alameda guy, grew up on the Island, and want to vote, but it took a lot of my time and energy,” commented a reader.

There were blunders: “I am truly disgusted that you would include Best Teacher. Have you thought about the fact that the best teacher’s students’ parents may not have computers and Internet? It’s not a popularity contest nor test score results that make a good teacher. Getting a child her hearing aids made me a better teacher, not being politically correct enough or pushover enough to win a popularity contest!” Another reader noted the Best Public/Private School: K–8 designation was, well, boneheaded, because Alameda has elementary and middle schools, meaning categorizing by K–5 and 6–8 made more sense.

But we had some positive feedback, too: “Love the Best of Alameda.” “Thanks for doing this every year!! We love being heard—and expressing our appreciation.” “Thanks!”

I look forward to what readers vote for as Best Thing About Alameda. A sampling: Beach, boats, bridges, location, EVERYTHING!, lifestyle, Park Street, the Alameda Sun, the Alameda Antiques Faire. A few readers’ thoughts on the topic: “It makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time—so nice!” “It’s an island!” “It’s quaint and close to everything.” “Love how I can walk everywhere.”

Alameda is often celebrated for its small-town feel. Is that what readers like best this year? Coverage, which includes a few editors’ choices, natch, starts on page 33.

Keep those opinions, good or bad, coming—including what you think about the new, updated masthead on the cover.


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