Conversation Stopper

    I read Gina Jaber’s article, “Listen Up” [May/June 2007] in Alameda Magazine and could not resist dropping a line to let you know that it is fantastic. You really hit the nail on the head. As I was reading, I could visualize myself doing the same thing you did. I have never been a listener; on the contrary, I always have something to add, and many times I have taken over the conversation without thinking that perhaps the other person wanted to be heard rather than to hear me elaborating and stating my opinion. So thank you for sharing your experience. It has really made me think and realize what I often do. Also your 24-hour rule is well taken. Many times I have said things out of frustration to someone, which at the end I never meant a word of what I have said. Of course, I realized that about 24 hours later after I said them.
                       Sandra Ramos, via e-mail

Celebrating Life

    Recently, I read Gina Jaber’s article, “The Ultimate Ceremony,” [January/February 2007], and as a writer myself, I would have felt I’d left out something important if I didn’t write to tell you what a wise, compassionate and lovely article it was. Thank you.
Naomi Rose, Oakland


    Kimble Helms was misidentified as Kimberly in the May/June 2007 Snapshots section in coverage of the Father/Daughter Valentine’s Dance. She was photographed with her father, Greg.

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