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Tips for Better Running


     Running is fantastic for cardiovascular endurance — and for creating those strong legs that your neighbors will envy. Strengthening your core, back, glutes and arms can help with your running efficiency and speed, so add these exercises to your running regimen. Do two or three sets of 10–15 repetitions. When the exercise becomes easy, practice static holds with the last rep for 20 counts. For all exercises, keep knees relaxed, shoulders rolled back, belly button pulled in and bum tucked under.

  1. Caterpillar: Stand tall with arms overhead, bend over and walk hands to plank position. Hold for 5 seconds (or complete 2 pushups), walk feet to your hands, then stand up with arms raised perfect-10-gymnastics-style above you in the air.
  2. Bench Step Ups: Face a park bench and step up with one foot. Press all the way up to full extension with your weight in your heel, squeezing your glutes. Return to starting position and repeat 10 times. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Jack Pushup: Start in pushup position on toes, jump legs wide like a jumping jack and return to repeat another pushup. Engage your core the entire time.
  4. Single Leg Dead Lift: Stand on one leg, slowly bend forward from the hip keeping your back straight. Keep your hips like “headlights” facing the floor. Hold for 5 counts and return. Repeat 10 times and on the other side.
  5. Plank Rotations: Place hands under shoulders with toes tucked under heels. Feet are raised to plank position with a back similar to a flat slide. Keeping core engaged, rotate to left side to do a side plank with left arm raised and held above head in line with shoulders. Rotate back to plank position, repeating on right side. In side plank, keep hips off the ground, shoulders back and belly button pulled in.

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