After 10 months of painting, “it just wasn’t working,” Alameda’s Karen Lee reminisces. For many, this trial might prove too great a frustration, but for Lee, setbacks are ultimately the most rewarding part of the process. “I love playing with color, solving color issues,” she explains. “Finally, I loaded up my brush with paint and went crazy.” Her tenacious instincts paid off, culminating in the oil-on-canvas painting, South Shore Beach, Alameda, featured above. Characterized by thick, bold brush strokes and a lively, distinctive color palette, her piece reflects all the ebullience of the South Shore scenery.
     Lee, an extensive traveler and scholar, is a member of the Public Art Advisory Commission for Alameda and frequently shows her work at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts. She has called Alameda home for four years and says she finds a collective muse in the “beautiful landscapes and great people.” It appears from her recent work that she has done just that. 

—By Lauren Boyle