Pass the Seaweed, Please

    The musician in my life is a sushi fiend. I believe he could live without his car, his computer, even his keyboard. But I don’t think he could make it through a week without at least one sushi fix. Maybe it has something to do with having escaped from Kansas, where apparently they don’t eat a lot of sushi. I don’t know.
    What I do know is that his habit, usually on Tuesdays, is to play basketball and then reward himself with a sushi lunch. Wherever he eats, he will usually buy extra sushi and bring it home for dinner, and I’ve been happy to gobble up more than my fair share.
    Since the new 24-Hour Fitness on High Street opened, “Mr. Sushi” has taken to having lunch at Sushi King (1650 Park St., 510-523-9888) in the Alameda Marketplace, which is where he now buys our sushi takeout. And suddenly I’ve discovered something I like better than the sushi, which is Sushi King’s seaweed salad ($3.50).
    I recently went for lunch at Sushi King—just for the seaweed salad. The slender ribbons of seaweed are like vermicelli noodles when you eat them with your chopsticks. Looking closely, I could distinguish strands of translucent yellowy seaweed and thicker dark-green threads that look like grass. When I asked the server about this, she said the dish includes three types of seaweed. There is a peppery aftertaste that lingers; the dark bits you can see are slivers of mushroom; the red bits are morsels of red pepper. And then there are sesame seeds and sesame oil. The texture is chewy-crunchy, and the sensation is of eating something fresh that can only be healthy, which if you google “seaweed and health,” you will see that it is.
                            —  By Wanda Hennig

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