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Wonderful Whimsy



     Alameda is well-known for its classical Victorian homes, but you don’t often hear about domiciles that seem to be a strange combination of something from the Old West and a Caribbean bungalow.

     So it is a pleasant, colorful surprise to pass by 93-year-old Doris Lofftus’ wonderfully unique home on Buena Vista Avenue.

      The bottom half of the house is brown stone made to resemble log-cabin style wood. The top half consists of baby-blue shingles that almost seem like feathers. To the left of the vibrant building is a metal gate sculpted in the shape of a peacock.

     Lofftus bought the house with her husband in 1970. Neither of them were trained as architects. But together, they redesigned and renovated the home. Her husband, who passed away in 2008, was an engineer who worked in bakeries and hospitals. Before she retired, Lofftus worked in the savings-and-loan industry. Her daughter still shares the home with her.

     When asked where she and her husband found inspiration for their wonderfully whimsical home, Lofftus simply replied, “from our heads.”  

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