Cravings - Tomatina


Garlic Fix

Brenda Chow
Photo by Jennifer Loring

In the mood for something quick to pacify your rumbling stomach as you wait for your main course? Two words: garlic rolls. From Tomatina (1338 Park St., 521-1000), that is. These bite-sized savory morsels are the perfect fast fix for a diner who isn’t starving but wants a little something to ward off hunger pains.
    For $2.95 Tomatina serves a bowl of six crisp, golden-brown rolls drenched in olive oil and bits of garlic and topped with Parmesan and oregano. The soft, moist insides and the crusty outsides are melt-in-your-mouth good and mouth-wateringly flavorful.
    An order is a just-right appetizer or makes a quick mini-meal. For an additional 75 cents, Tomatina will add marinara sauce—definitely not necessary but sometimes a nice touch.

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