In The Moment

    For Maria Young Alders, 44, Alameda is the “perfect little town.” She lives here for the eclectic charm of the city and the varied California architecture, but her true love is the Robert Crown Memorial State Beach shoreline, just a half mile from her home. It was a beautiful, clear Thanksgiving weekend day when she took a walk to the beach to take photos of the San Francisco skyline and spend time with her three children. As she was shooting, she turned her view from the distant horizon and noticed hundreds of seagulls and how “happy and peaceful” they seemed. She describes her past relationship with the gulls as “adversarial,” but on this day she noticed something beautiful in their calm, and started snapping photographs. As a yoga teacher, she says, “I am constantly reminding myself to stay in the present moment and focus less on the future.” On that Thanksgiving, Alders was able to capture the present before it flew away. 

—By Margaret Murray

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