Art in the Third Dimension

Sculpture by Clint Imboden 

    Clint Imboden likes to work in the third dimension. The 54-year-old Alameda-based artist turns found objects into art: 270 hacksaw blades form a geodesic dome surrounding an Earth globe; chest X-rays suspended by wooden coat hangers are transformed into a wall-size quilt. Imoden and his wife, artist Jan Watten, moved to Alameda to pursue art and wound up living on the Island and working out of their Jingletown-based studio. Since moving here 10 years ago, Imoden, who shows at Rhythmix Cultural Works and the Frank Bette Center for the Arts and is a member of the public arts commission, has found a fertile arts community in Alameda. “Parking is bad, but there are many great restaurants,” he says. “People can afford nicer food, and it rolls over into [an appreciation of] nicer art.” Look for more from Imoden at local galleries, including his new sculpture—an anti-war piece that uses polyester-resin doll heads in place of stars on the American flag.
—By Erica K. Bridgeman
—Photography by Paul Skrentny

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