Be Prepared

    I want to compliment your magazine on the comprehensive and detailed information you provided in your article regarding disaster preparation titled “Be Prepared” [March/April]. The “25 Tips That Can Save Your Life” is very through and easily understood. Since it is a major feature of both your Alameda and Oakland magazines, I’m sure it will reach many who have not prepared yet. I might mention that your article was brought to the attention of our Boy Scout troop, which fits, as the Scout motto is Be Prepared. You have done a good public service.


    The disaster preparedness issue of Alameda and Oakland magazines, with all the well-written (and amusing) material, was really good. I am going to follow the info today, I hope in time for the big one.
Kate May, Berkeley

A Son’s Perspective

    Thanks to Wanda Hennig for crafting such a wonderful story, “Alameda’s Lost Riviera” [January/February], featuring my parents’ reflections on the forgotten beaches of Alameda, and to Craig Merrill for his accompanying photography. Both did a remarkable job.
    I’m very proud of my parents and was pleased to see them get a little notoriety. They have contributed much to the community over the years, as their legions of friends will attest, and the publication of the article brought a real boost to both their spirits.
    I also appreciate the ongoing contribution that Alameda Magazine makes towards maintaining the vibrant sense of community that has long been an Island hallmark. Your role in that effort is to be commended.
Kin Robles, Mountain View

History Fan

    My family settled in Alameda in 1867, in an Italianate house at 2050 Santa Clara Avenue. Unfortunately, the house was torn down in the ’50s to make way for two apartment buildings. I grew up on Fifth Street in a Queen Anne Victorian. I enjoyed reading the January/February issue with articles on the history of Alameda and hope that you will continue featuring Alameda’s history.
Allan B. Hunter, Jenkintown, Pa.

Another History Fan

I totally loved your January/February issue … lots of history!!
Judith Lynch, Alameda

Thanks from RCW

    Thank you for including Hanayui in your March Calendar and for including Rhythmix Cultural Works events in general. Your support has helped us a lot.  The Hanayui concert was sold-out and a wonderful event, as was the Head Trip.
Janet Koike, Rhythmix Cultural Works

More Thanks

    Thank you so much for including our Black & White Ball in your great March Snapshots. I really, really want to inspire our entire community to get off the couch, take a break from our busy, often repetitive lives and meet new, very nice people and have a new reason to go out on the town. When you know how to ballroom, swing and Latin dance, you learn a great social lifetime skill, and it is such healthy exercise. My new dance class and party schedule at the Elks Club is out, and it is also on our Web site, www.dancewithme.info. We need more dancing and great dance music, and I’d like to invite everyone to come by and see us someday.
Marilyn Bowe, Dance With Me Events

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