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Metal Maestro Dave Starr on His Alameda Hangs


      Looking for epic metal in Alameda? You needn’t look far, because Alameda is home to Dave Starr. The veteran bassist held down the low end for many a year with Bay Area power metal band Vicious Rumors — and on the recordings fans consider the band’s best. Nowadays in addition to studio work, the 35-year Alameda resident is playing guitar in a melodic metal duo, WildeStarr, with his wife, London Wilde. The couple’s debut album, Arrival (Furnace Maximus), came out late last year, and he’s already busy writing material for the next disc and planning to tour in 2011. “I’ve been spending all my time in the recording studio for the past four or five years. I don’t go out,” Starr confesses. “Immersing myself in music keeps me from drinking and keeps me out of trouble. And I like to think I’m good at it.” Nonetheless the musician found more than a few things to love about his longtime home:

Washington Dog Park 
“I go there a lot. I’ve got four Russian wolfhounds, so I’m at the dog park every day, either that one or the one at North Main [Main Street Dog Park], near the ferry terminal. Lower Washington is the nicer of the two, though it’s not as close to where I live. Eighth Street and Portola Avenue, www.ci.alameda.ca.us

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant “My wife and I go there all the time. It’s decent food — not really expensive — and it’s never really crowded. I was born in Japan, so I’m partial to Japanese food. I’ve lived there twice and toured there playing music with VR.” 1427 Webster St., (510) 522-2945, yokohamasushi.com

Borders “It’s down at South Shore — I refuse to call it Towne Centre! I’m an avid reader, and that’s probably the biggest bookstore around. I’d rather spend my time and money in Alameda.” 2245 South Shore Center, (510) 522-6442, borders.com

Kamakura Restaurant “That place is pretty cool. It’s really nice — a little fancier than Yokohama — but it has good food and a nice atmosphere.” 2549 Santa Clara Ave., (510) 521-9121, kamakurarestaurant.com

Grand Marina “That’s where we have our boat.” 2099 Grand St., (510) 865-1200, grandmarina.com

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