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 May-June 2011

May-June 2011


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Secret Eats

Michael Boyd of Scolari's

     Comfort food hews close to the heart of Alameda — and Scolari’s Good Eats provides, with its beloved chicken wings, stromboli, and most of all, its burgers. The house-made secret sauce plays a crucial role there, as does the challah bun, but the real stars have to be the perfectly cooked beef patty and the crispy fresh lettuce and tomato. All of which inspire such hamburger-holics as those at the Hamblogger blog to give the Scolari’s creation high marks. The latest high note at Scolari’s is likely the new suggestion box, which, co-owner and chef Michael Boyd says, will allow customers to “see their cravings come to life!” So what does Boyd crave in his free time?  

Yume Sushi

Yume makes it hard to eat sushi anywhere else. Their food is very traditional and very fresh. 1428 Park St., (510) 865-7141

Feel Good Bakery

Why would you buy bread anywhere else? 1650 Park St., No. 1, (510) 864-2733,

Baron’s Meat and Poultry

I shop at Baron’s for a superfresh good variety of “clean” meat and poultry that I feel good about eating because I know where it comes from and how it’s raised. 1650 Park St., no. D, (510) 864-1915,

Gold Coast Grill

Their whole grilled Mediterranean sea bass with braised greens is one of the best dishes I’ve had in Alameda. 1901 Park St., (510) 522-5388,

Dan’s Fresh Produce

Dan picks up his produce every morning and has an amazing variety of seasonal and locally-produced products. 2300 Central Ave., (510) 523-1777,

Scolari’s Good Eats, 1303 Park St., (510) 521-2400

Jun 1, 2011 02:53 am
 Posted by  steve

Thank you Micheal I agree with you for the Gold Coast Grill dish the Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass or Branzino as we Italians call it. Is amazing along with other seafood dishes and the lamb as well. Good choice.
PS I try your sandwiches are grate

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