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 May-June 2012

May-June 2012


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May-June 2012, Volume 11, Number 3

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May-June Features

Agents of Change

by Marcus Thompson

These 13 students represent the best of the next generation. They have the kind of intelligence, desire and awareness that’ll make you feel a lot better about the world’s future.

All Things Pets

by Where to Get, Go With and Buy Stuff for Your New Best Friend

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 39 percent of all households in the United States have at least one dog and 33 percent have at least one cat.

Taste of the Town

by Derk Richardson

Where One-Pot Comfort Food Meets Molecular Gastronomy

May-June Departments

Oakland Screenwriter

by Linda Childers

Tyler Perry and Steven Spielberg may soon have competition in the screenwriting and producing arenas if a talented Oakland woman realizes her dream.

Memory Lane

by Gina Jaber

Steve Pucci has lived in Alameda his whole life and remains happily married to his high school sweetheart. He is third generation to the iconic Pucci family that for 75 years ran Joe Pucci &...

Fashion Faire Takes Off

by Karen Granados

In a world of mass production, finding a vintage fashion piece for some fashionistas is like winning the lottery.

And the Trainer Sez

by Erin Kreitz Shirey

Question: I have fallen out of my groove. I try to exercise, but seem to get out of my workout schedule, because of carpooling around my kids and working full time. How can I make my exercise goal...

Futsal Fever

by Michelle Quinn

Stop by the basketball courts at the Alameda Point Gym on any Friday night and you’ll see up to 50 people — boys and girls, 20-somethings and middle-aged adults — playing what seems like...

CrossFit Craze Spreads to Alameda

by Dawn Adams

Intense, crazy, downright dangerous — these are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe CrossFit, a fitness program that is leaving the underground world of DIY at-home “boxes”...

What's a Diner to Do?

by Carolyn Jung

There are times when restaurants go the extra mile to make service flawless, when every need is not only met, but anticipated and exceeded.

Russo to the Rescue

by Keith Gleason

Russo sees good communication with the public as a key component of his goal to change the culture of city hall.

The Next Big Thing

by Erika Mailman

There’s a sheen and shine to Rory’s first-person narration that doesn’t permit tears.

Discover Roussillon

by Jeff Diamond

Roussillon is blessed — for wines anyways — by great weather, strong winds and poor soils.

Maoz Falafel

by Anna Mindess

Ethnic Treat

Out on the Town

by Linda Leonard

What's going on in the months of May and June

Ask the Chef

by Candace Murphy

We decided to catch up with Geideman, 42, a Bay Area native who graduated from Berkeley High School, and ask him about that chicken, and a few other things.

Around Town

by Julia Park Tracey

What’s cooler than an anchor tattoo on a hipster’s neck?

The Six Questions

by Julia Park Tracey

Abra Rudisill, 50, artistic director of Alameda Civic Ballet and the Alameda Ballet Academy.

Media Shelf

by Judith M. Gallman

New Books from the Bay Area

Wine Not?

by Julia Park Tracey

“Have mercy!” It’s a plea for compassion, and when made by vintners to the universe, speaks volumes about capricious weather, fluctuations in the market and other assorted adventures from...

Take 5

by Gina Jaber

Owner of the eco-friendly children’s store Monkey Bars and co-founder of Alameda Parent Support, Heather Reed Rider has figured out a thing or two about business and parenting.


by Micahel Singman-Aste

There are certain artists who are so integral to an art scene that it is difficult to imagine it without them.

Word on the Street

by Gina Jaber

What should replace the former Borders Bookstore space at South Shore Center?

Secret Eats

by Kimberly Chun

Where does Alameda go to satisfy its cravings for hearty, heart-warming schnitzel, sauerbraten, and spätzle — with a heaping side of sonic delight?

Green Machines

by Susan E. Davis

I am enjoying a lovely ride in Jerry Meissner’s pedicab on a beautiful spring afternoon. The pedicab — basically a small carriage drawn by a “driver” pedaling a bike — is a cheerful yellow.

Local Producer Wins Big on Biggest Loser

by Heather Larson

Alameda TV producer Jennifer Rumple had issues with her weight from the time she reached her eighth birthday through college and into her first job producing local newscasts for television.

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