Oakland Screenwriter

Films Movie Based in Alameda


     Tyler Perry and Steven Spielberg may soon have competition in the screenwriting and producing arenas if a talented Oakland woman realizes her dream.
     Leah Taylor, 31, is a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Not only has she written a short film, Revolving Chamber, filmed in Alameda, she is also an accomplished rap artist and model.
     Taylor is also extremely motivated. With no budget for filming, Taylor works two jobs in the hospitality industry in order to pay the expenses associated with her Alameda-based Khaotik Entertainment company.
     “I’ve known since I was in high school that I wanted to write,” says Taylor, who attended Skyline High. While attending college as a mass communications major at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, La., Taylor became interested in screenwriting and met a young man who was kidnapped as a child by his father. She used his profound experiences as the script for her movie, Revolving Chamber, which is loosely based on his life story.
     Taylor held casting for the movie earlier this year and intends to have the film ready to show at local film festivals this fall. She wants the 23-minute-
long movie, featuring a Bay Area cast, to capture the attention of investors, allowing her to make more movies.
     “I have a very supportive family who has encouraged me to pursue my dreams,” says Taylor, who credits her mother, Rita Taylor, with instilling in her the belief that anything is possible.
     Taylor, who began her career as a model and has done numerous fashion shows and also print work, is also planning to release a modeling DVD, which she envisions as an educational tool for aspiring young women who want to break into the modeling industry.
     “I’d like to show young women how to walk, build a portfolio and other things I wish I had known when I was trying to break into the field,” Taylor says.

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