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 November 2011

November 2011


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November 2011, Volume 11, Number 6

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November Features

In the Market for Cultural Adventure?

by Anna Mindess

Outside the crimson and yellow arched entrance, dozens of split-chickens grill to a golden brown, emanating tantalizing scents.

7 Great Spin-offs

by Derk Richardson

Food is the new music. Many of us anticipate the opening of a restaurant the way we used to look forward to the latest release by a favorite band.

Dance, Dance, Dance

by Andrew Gilbert

With a blanket of fog rolling slowly in off the bay on a cool Friday evening in August, no one is likely to mistake Alameda for Louisiana’s sweltering bayou, but if you close your eyes, the...

November Departments

Increasing Exposure

by Janelle Bitker

Matthew Rampton can’t remember the last time he used a traditional film camera.

Where It's At

by Kimberly Chun

Inspiration can flow from the most unlikely sources — and for Alameda composer and musician Eric Myers, it was often China.

Do Gooders

by Christopher Danzig

Hidden in the back of an Alameda Point warehouse, between the Alameda County Food Bank and a theatrical set design company, there’s a small workshop where bike tires, chains and pedals hang in...

Media Shelf

by Janelle Bitker

New Books from the Bay Area

Treasure Hunt

by Karen Granados

The world’s longest running public art event has created miniature versions of its beloved bovine subjects.

The Six Questions

by Julia Park Tracey

Sheldon Norberg, 49, of Alameda

Retail Roundup

by Karen Granados

Sparkly, fun and completely feminine, the new two-level store on Santa Clara contains clothes, jewelry and other fashion accessories that could make a grown woman giggle.

Train X-ings

by Janelle Bitker

Just because Alameda’s train station signs are historic doesn’t mean they have to look old.

Secret Eats

by Kimberly Chun

A blue dot marks the spot for grounding coffee and transporting cafe food in Alameda.

Get Your Dance On!

by Karen Granados

Music thumping, sweaty bodies dancing in unison and women dressed in tight outfits.

Pick Up Passion

by Anna Mindess

A large white house on a cozy residential corner and the pink trimmed windowsills and water bowls along the walls of Santoro’s Deli (475 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, 510-217-8710) might conjure up...

Taste of the Town

by Derk Richardson

For a restaurant to become a steady favorite, it has to gratify all the senses (and not dramatically displease any).


by Mission: Street Food

San Francisco has had a booming food truck scene for years, but finally, trucks are driving across the bridge.

Out on the Town

by Linda Leonard

What's going on in the month of November!


by Carolyn Jung

Arora and Velez have created local jobs and given greater credence to the burgeoning grow-your-own-food movement sweeping the nation.

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