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Sheldon Norberg


House Healer

Who: Sheldon Norberg, 49, of Alameda

What: He clears negative energy from houses and buildings. His training as a professional psychic led him to work in houses that seemed tainted by death, disease, failure or trauma, and shift the feeling from dark to light, from negative to positive. Some people call that healing a haunted house, or even ghostbusting. “It’s all about feeling,” he says.

When:  1993, the year he started working with houses specifically — usually bedrooms that held energy from prior inhabitants. Prior to that, he’d studied several methods of meditation and psychic healing. When he started to work with rooms and buildings specifically, “It was clear that I needed to develop a tool kit that didn’t exist.” Now he often works with real estate pros to change the energy in houses that won’t sell.

Where: Your bedroom, where previous residents may have died, or argued fractiously until they divorced, leaving behind emotional energy that still makes the space feel dysfunctional. Your basement, where it just feels spooky, and even spiders won’t build a web. Or your office, where other businesses have failed, and yours just can’t get off the ground — for no apparent reason other than “bad vibes.”

Why:   “I like challenges,” says Norberg, who is glad to take a building from uninhabitable to peaceful. His task is to shift the energy so the space doesn’t feel funky anymore. “It’s a concentrated type of meditation, to effect change in a defined space.” Clients who can live peacefully in their homes are his reward.

How:  “I sit and I meditate,” he says — it’s that simple. No magic wand, no crystal ball — just the intense concentration of sensing the patterns at play, interpreting the energy and channeling it onward. Afterward, a room feels lighter, brighter, healthier and more whole, his clients say.

Sheldon Norberg’s book, Healing Houses: My Work as a Psychic House Cleaner, is available online at or at Books Inc, in Alameda.

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