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Recycle Woman (Jessica Robinson)


WHO: Who’s that, over there by the trash bins? It’s a bird! It’s a raccoon! No, it’s Recycle Woman, Alameda’s own super-SHEro, in her fluttering green and copper cape, doing her darndest to save the planet from her sworn enemies: greenhouse gasses, landfill, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and people who don’t take reusable bags to the grocery store. She came to us from a mysterious other world. “My mission is to help save Planet Earth,” says she in a rare quiet moment at Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden. “I’ve been working with the people who know how,” such as local educators and Alameda County Industries, to get the word out about properly sorting our trash. She appears in a short film as well as a comic book detailing her adventures.

WHERE: Alameda is her secret lair and hangout. Rumor has it she was once crowned Miss Alameda, but that was, perhaps, another shero, a look-alike, maybe.

WHAT: Recycle Woman has the super-power of sorting resources. “I don’t consider garbage as ‘garbage.’ I consider it a resource.” Ensuring that recyclables end up back in use and that green waste gets composted are two of her strongest powers.

WHEN: Now. “Knowledge is power, and the minute people realize there is a need, then they can take action.” Put your food scraps and soiled paper into the green bin, for starters. Buy less plastic and recycle religiously. Stop buying bottled water, too.

WHY: “We’re in a desperate state right now,” Recycle Woman says. “The planet is really off-balance. It’s our ecosystem, but we are the ones throwing it off! We have the power to make changes — like composting, or just using the green waste bin correctly.”

HOW: “My mission is to empower the people. As simple as it is — the simplest things are not simple. I had more of a job on my shoulders that I realized.” One aluminum can at a time, she knows, can make a difference. One more restaurant composting its green waste, or one less plastic bottle floating in the ocean is a win for her cause.      

Contact Recycle Woman via Jessica Robinson, aka Recycle Woman or Miss Alameda, is an Alameda-based actress committed to environmental awareness.

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