Are you in favor of the proposed relocation of the Harbor Bay Club?

Word on the Street


Ron Matthews: I am in favor of such a move for many reasons; the most important is a decrease in traffic on Packet Landing Road, Robert Davey Drive, and on Island Drive. It is my understanding that over 52 percent of the nearly 4,000 members are from outside 94502, which means all of those cars will be taking Harbor Bay Parkway instead of Island Drive. The current location is too small for the demand that has grown in Alameda and the facilities are old.

Natalie Bowman: Though I don’t have really strong feelings either way, I will probably reconsider my membership should the club relocate. I like the convenience of where the club is located now and the coziness of it. So to drive to a bigger, less intimate club might be less appealing to me. But then again, it might be worth the drive and something we all get used to.

Tim Coffey: This proposal is a joke. It is completely self-serving for the developer and of entirely no benefit to the community. The Club was created to help sell homes built by the developer in the 1970s, but has become a cornerstone of the Harbor Bay Isle community. Moreover, the developer’s claim that he has the right to build more homes in Harbor Bay Isle is a canard of unbelievable magnitude.

Judith Wendel: I am definitely in favor Harbor Bay Club relocating to the Harbor Bay Business Park. The old club is antiquated and crowded, and I believe the community will greatly benefit from a new club, with facilities to accommodate a broad spectrum of activities for all—including (but not limited to) spacious exercise and weight rooms, better spa facilities, better pool facilities, and child care to name a few.

Lynn Langfeld: I am undecided. It would be great to have a new facility that would better accommodate the needs of the members. The plan for the new club includes features that would alleviate many of the current issues. However, I really like the current location. It is within easy biking/walking distance from my house and I enjoy the proximity to the water. I am also concerned about the new traffic issues that could arise. I’m really on the fence.

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