Should Alameda consolidate Alameda and Encinal high schools?

We asked Alamedans for their opinion


Steve Sorensen: If there were a site that could handle all of the students in a more economically feasible manner, I would support one high school for Alameda. If that site was the current Encinal High School, I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense from a logistics standpoint. And it would be challenging to get Encinal High to change its name to Alameda High, since, as we all know, Hornets rule!

John Thomason: I am in favor of consolidating the two high schools into one. While the size of the student body may seem high from our historical perspective, there are many similarly large high schools across the country. The larger size would create more opportunity for a broader course selection and schedule. I also think that there are great infrastructure savings opportunities with one administration. Further, I do not think we should allow students from outside Alameda to prop up enrollment numbers and justify inappropriate staffing levels. 

Andrea Hoy: I think Alameda needs two high schools with equal resources and upgraded facilities. With the expected growth in Alameda, one mega high school would be too big for a quality education for our kids.

Roberta Rockwell: Oh, for heaven sakes, no. What would I do with my EHS sweatshirts? Who would be the archrival in football, and what would be the school color? Would the mascot be a jet with bee striping or a bee with a jet engine? Clearly this wouldn’t work aesthetically, although, I suppose, academics should be considered as well.

Kate Meade: I really like the small size of? Encinal High, but we could offer so much more to all the students if our money was focused at one school. The district I was a part of had three high schools covering four small cities. It went to one high school sometime in the ’90s due to drop in enrollment. They were able to keep all of their AP classes, and they had many. There had been a history of rivalry between two of the schools but people got past that. With so many families living in Alameda who did not grow up here, the rivalry argument has very little merit.

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