Best Doctors in the East Bay

From Botox shots and bionic pancreases to eye injections and DMARDs, peer-honored physicians share their insights on medical breakthroughs in their fields.


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The Best Doctors in the East Bay
249 physicians in 60 specialties make the list, as rated by their peers.

Best Doctors’ team of researchers conducts a biennial poll using methodology that mimics the informal peer-to-peer process doctors themselves use to identify the right specialists for their patients. Using a polling method and balloting software that Gallup® has audited and certified, they gather the insight and experience of tens of thousands of leading specialists all over the country, while confirming their credentials and specific areas of expertise. The result is the Best Doctors in America® List, which includes the nation’s most respected specialists and outstanding primary care physicians in the nation. These are the doctors that other doctors recognize as the best in their fields. They cannot pay a fee and are not paid to be listed and cannot nominate or vote for themselves. It is a list which is truly unbiased and respected by the medical profession and patients alike as the source of top quality medical information. Gallup® has audited and certified Best Doctors, Inc.’s database of physicians, and its companion The Best Doctors in America® List, as using the highest industry standards survey methodology and processes. These lists are excerpted from The Best Doctors in America’s 2014 database, which includes over 45,000 U.S. doctors in more than 40 medical specialties and 400 subspecialties. The Best Doctors in America’s database is compiled and maintained by Best Doctors, Inc. For more information, visit or contact Best Doctors by telephone at 800-675-1199 or by e-mail at Please note that lists of doctors are not available on the Best Doctors website.

Best Doctors, Inc. is transforming and improving health care by bringing together the best medical minds in the world to help identify the right diagnosis and treatment. The company’s innovative, peer-to-peer consultation service offers a new way for physicians to collaborate with other physicians to ensure patients receive the best care.  Headquartered in Boston, Mass., the global company seamlessly integrates its services with employers’ other health-related benefits to serve more than 30 million members in every major region of the world.  More than a traditional second opinion, Best Doctors delivers a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s medical condition—providing value to both patients and treating physicians. By utilizing Best Doctors, members have access to the brightest minds in medicine to ensure the right diagnosis and treatment plan.


Addiction Medicine

Diana Sylvestre
Oasis Clinic, 520 27th St., Oakland, CA  94612, 510-834-5442


Allergy and Immunology

Joshua S. Jacobs
Allergy and Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, 5924 Stoneridge Drive, Ste. 207, Pleasanton, CA  94588, 925-327-1460

Barbara Karpel
Allergy and Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, 5924 Stoneridge Drive, Ste. 207, Pleasanton, CA  94588, 925-327-1460

A. Le Noir
Comprehensive Allergy Services, 2940 Summit St., Ste. 1B, Oakland, CA  94609, 510-834-4897

Allyson T. Tevrizian
Allergy and Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, 5924 Stoneridge Drive, Ste. 207,Pleasanton, CA  94588, 925-327-1460



Ethan A. Nicholls
Northern California Anesthesia Associates, 1600 Riviera Ave., Ste. 110,Walnut Creek, CA  94596, 800-333-0881

Crystal D. Terry
Alameda Hospital, Department of Anesthesiology, 2070 Clinton Ave., Alameda, CA  94501, 510-814-4064


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