For the Love of Cars

Photography by Philip Hall

    You’d never know by looking at Philip Hall’s stunning portfolio of automotive photos that he’s only been photographing cars for two years. But his images are more than just pictures. “They really bring art into a world it hasn’t been in before,” says the Alameda resident. Television star Jay Leno, for one, agrees; he commissioned Hall to photograph some of his famous antique car collection. Hall has been studying light for 30 years as an award-winning lighting designer for film and television, and he’s brought this sensibility with him as a fine-art photo­grapher. “It’s really not about the cars,” Hall says. “My artwork is about the light and the dark … sensuality and painting with light.” He spends countless hours manipulating his images with Photoshop—enhancing light, shadow, color and blurring or sharpening lines. This eye-catching photo is from the 2006 Alameda Classic Car show on Park Street (this year’s show is Oct. 13). Hall and his wife, Allison Bliss, have called Alameda home since 2001.           
—Shari Sollars

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