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The Very Best of Alameda


    Alameda is one great Island, and this issue — the Best of Alameda 2009 — celebrates every inch of it. This means coverage of Alameda’s best restaurants, bars and cafes; info on the Island’s premium goods and awesome services providers; and particulars on Alameda’s finest lifestyle opportunities.
    Noteworthy new bistros, chic watering holes, hip boutiques and first-class health clubs are all over the place, from Park Street to Webster Street, and this issue is bursting with details about them, plus details on outstanding dishes, excellent businesses and unparalleled professionals.
    Just to refresh readers’ memories, the magazine printed a ballot in the March/April issue, and readers chose their favorite haunts, dishes and whatnot. These winners are identified in this issue’s coverage as Readers’ Choices. Additionally, the editors list a few preferred picks, and these are labeled as Editors’ Choices. This year, contributors Dawn Adams, Linda Childers, Wanda Hennig, Mary McInerney and Mary Lee Shalvoy pitched in with their favs.
    Rest assured, Alameda’s got it going on, so see what you may or may not have been missing by turning to the coverage.
    There’s much more in store for Alameda Magazine readers. Around the Town introduces the second Fridays Estuary Art Attack, stops by nascent wine incubator Rock Wall Wine Company (the latest Rosenblum endeavor), honors the Jets’ perfect season last year, showcases Bonnie Randall Boller’s clay monotypes and traces the crazy history of the Acania II, which might have been Al Capone’s yacht.
    And if that’s not enough, trek along with Susan Davis to Mount Trashmore to learn how today’s dumps are the parks of the future, and then join Linda Childers for an East Bay history tour, a nostalgic journey via cultural tourism that connects the present with the past.
What do you know about your Alameda? I’m all ears.

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