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 September-October 2011

September-October 2011


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September-October 2011, Volume 11, Number 5

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September-October Features

Undoing the 1950s

by Ann Leslie Davis

On a warm July day in 1949, the shores of Lake Merritt played host to a collision of faith and folly.

Express Yourself

by Tiffany Carboni

Way back when, the kitchen came in only one flavor: functional. Today’s kitchen, however, must fulfill a grander order. It must reflect its homeowners’ personalities while serving up more than...

Primed for Pinball

by Wanda Hennig

Artistic aspirations, his trademark ingenuity and a lucky arrow launched Michael Schiess’ love affair with pinball.

September-October Departments


by Linda Childers

Gazing at Deborah Griffin’s artwork offers a glimpse into the past. She combines oil painting and pastels with photographs, cabinet cards and ambrotype (a photo that creates a positive image on a...

Project LEAF

by Julia Park Tracey

Farms? In Alameda? (Mooo …)

Walk the Walk

by Karen Granados

Sometimes we forget that people from around the world travel to our area for vacation. Our island in particular boasts a history of good old-fashioned fun.


by Janelle Bitker

New Books from the Bay Area

Taste of the Town

by Derk Richardson

Taste the Soul of Thai Street Food at Hawker Fare

Give Your Baby a Hand

by Anna Mindess (Photo Lori Eanes)

our angelic baby inexplicably screws up her eyes and lets out a screaming wail while you play a one-sided game of charade: “Are you hungry?” “Waaa …” “Wet?” “Waaaa …”...


by Erika Mailman

Chris Baty wants to be your muse. He’ll drape himself in Grecian linen and hand-feed you from a grape cluster dangling from his gracefully-curved hand.

Island Racers

by Christopher Danzig

Dave Dunwoodie mashed on the accelerator. His burgundy Porsche 911 roared toward the first curve, marked out with flour lines on the pavement and a few traffic cones. As we whipped past it, I lost...


by Keith Gleason

Brian McDonald and Dewey St. Germaine love to collect sports memorabilia.

House of Worship

by Christopher Danzig

Temple Israel has been around for a while. Ninety years, to be precise. Over the last century, the only synagogue in Alameda has worked to adapt to the changing world.

Do Gooders

by Christopher Danzig

Alternatives in Action has a lot going on, to say the least. The Alameda-based nonprofit runs the Bay Area School of Enterprise, or BASE for short, and the Home Sweet Home preschool. BASE is a high...

Memory Lane

by Gina Jaber

Second-generation Alamedan Dee Dee Appleton recalls how things have changed in Alameda and how they haven’t.

Where It’s At

by Kimberly Chun

Beatle Boy

by Christopher Danzig

Jason Berk is not your usual teenage music aficionado. The young multi-instrumentalist never had Bieber Fever or got under Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” For the last 19 years — his whole life —...

Secret Eats

by Kimberly Chun

Alameda abounds with Victorians and craftsman cottages harking back to the start of the last century — and every single one ought be as lovingly restored as Little House Cafe.

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