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Tiki-Themed Thriller On Shelves Now


     If pulp fiction, noir, sci fi, erotica, tiki bars and Alameda are your thing, then — well, we’ve got something just for you: a new novel called It Came from Hangar 18. Local authors Scott Fulks and Will Viharo put their megabrains together to create this thrilla that ain’t no vanilla.
     Viharo, a freelance writer, is a habitué of Alameda’s Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge and the former Parkway Speakeasy Theater, and has written many a pulp fiction novel, producing and selling them online and to friends. He’s made rather an art of it, combining social commentary with unabashed sex and violence. Fulks is a software engineer who frequents Forbidden Island and was formulating a scientific theory (probably nefarious). When Fulks and Viharo realized they each had half the ingredients for a tiki-flavored novel, they quickly got to work.
     The story is set in Alameda, and names names, so to speak. The locations are real, and so is the math (Fulks has conveniently added diagrams, algebraic equations and physics charts for easy reference). It also takes place in outer space, but you’ll be able to tell which is which, because of, you know, the oxygen-to-aliens ratio.
     Fulks dubs his contribution to the book “science with attitude,” while Viharo compares his part to the erotic bestseller, calling it “‘500 Shades of Gray,’ because 50 is not enough.” Best way to tell whose writing is whose in this hefty tome: “If you find it sickening, it’s mine,” says Viharo. “If you can’t understand it, it’s [Fulks’].”
     The gentlemen authors released the novel in March with a tiki shindig, and signed books at Books Inc. (where you’ll find your own copy) in May. You might find these guys, shaken not stirred, at Forbidden
Island any given night, if you want them to sign your volume. Read more about Viharo’s pulp fic at

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