Green Shapes

Say Hello to Garden Eco-Chic Planters


     Looking for a beautiful handcrafted redwood planter, locally made with reclaimed redwood? Sounds like a dream, but a local craftsman, Troy Wylie, has put his hand to leftover redwood fencing and castoff furniture, creating gorgeous geometrical planters — and the proceeds from his craft benefit Girls Inc. of the Island City. The endeavor has been dubbed GreenShapes, an indicator of    its garden eco-chic.
     Wylie, an underemployed carpenter, found that he enjoyed working with smaller items; over time, he developed a method of making many garden items out of multiple small strips of wood, some with varying colors within one piece. His wares include wall/fence hangings with 3-D areas for inserting pots, birdfeeders, birdhouses and more. “I love doing this stuff,” says Wylie. He gestures around the workshop and sideyard of the West End house where he crafts. “This is my own heaven. This is my piece of Eden here in the backyard.”
     Partnered with Wylie are back-fence neighbors Charlotte Tlachac, an optometrist and Girls Inc. supporter, and Gary Adams. Wylie’s workshop is in their home’s backyard. Tlachac and Adams are both huge supporters of Girls Inc, as past board members. “Girls Inc. is our favorite charity,” says Tlachac. “How can you go wrong with helping young girls?” To date, Green Shapes has raised more than $1,000 for the girls of the community.
     The name GreenShapes suits the planters and accessories. Rungs from old chairs get cut down and used for feet on planters. Besides keeping scrap wood out of landfill (much is found curbside, and the rest comes from Freecycle, Craigslist or friends), green also refers to succulent plantings which grace many of the finished containers. Tlachac propagates and transplants these into carefree miniature gardens, perfect for those whose idea of gardening consists totally of watering once or twice a week.
     GreenShapes are available at Redux Studios & Gallery and may be available at local nurseries soon. Custom orders are also available by contacting Tlachac via email,

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