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Dialing It In With Jayn


     Jayn (just Jayn) is an anonymously famous resident of Alameda. You wouldn’t recognize her face, but you might know her voice. You can hear her on Radio Alice, 97.3 FM, in the midday slot, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. She commutes daily to San Francisco, and whether you are at home, at work or in your car, she is just a
dial away.
     Jayn and her husband, Higgins (just Higgins), have lived on the Island for the past eight years, and welcomed their young daughter about four years ago. The three of them love music: Jayn is the music director and assistant program director as well as a DJ, and Higgins plays in a band called The Gentlemen. Their daughter is now taking her first dance lessons in Alameda. “It’s a small town. I feel safe,” Jayn says. “I feel like my daughter has all the [amenities] she needs.”
     Here are some of the happening places where Jayn and her posse like to hang out.

The Hobnob
“This is some of the best food in Alameda. I love the bar; I love the bartenders. It’s a great place.” It’s family friendly, with a wall of games to play and affordable happy hour specials.
1313 Park Street, (510) 769-1011

Alameda Theatre and Cineplex
“It’s the past and the present in one. [The lobby] makes you feel elegant, even watching The Muppets.”
2317 Central Ave., (510) 769-3456

Lucky 13
“They have the best beer selection. Plus, it’s within walking distance of home.”
1301 Park St., (510) 523-2118

Lost Weekend Lounge
“We love pub trivia on Wednesdays.”
2320 ½ Santa Clara Ave., (510) 523-4700

Ruby’s Tumbling and Nora’s Creative Dance
 “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a 4-year-old in a tutu.”
2451 Santa Clara Ave., (510) 337-0846 (Ruby’s) and (510) 917-0223 (Nora’s)

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