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Topic du Jour: Food Trucks


What type of food truck would you like to see come to Alameda?

Alice Lewis: I am trying to fit more veggies into my daily life and would love to see a truck with either fresh vegetable juice or delicious salads, if there is such a truck. The owners of Jay’s Coffee, Tea and Treats on Encinal own a juice bar in Montclair Village and make a beautiful orangey-red juice from carrots, beets, onion and fresh ginger. (Unfortunately, they don’t make juices here in town due to kitchen limitations.) An interesting veggie option might distract me from the siren’s call of garlic fries.

Aaron Seeman: I’d like to see a food truck that serves up big pans of paella cooked with fresh ingredients and organic meats. Paella is yummy and the line usually
moves fast!

John Brennan: I’d very much like to see food trucks that serve great vegetarian or vegan food. It would be great to have convenient food that is both delicious and healthy — a truly viable alternative to all the unhealthy fast-food choices that abound. Perhaps one that caters to adults and another that is targeted at kids — serving true “happy meals.”

Vickie Maloney: I haven’t been to Alameda Off the Grid yet, but if my food truck dreams were to come true, I would love Mediterranean, seafood, anything fusion, i.e., new and different, or anything that incorporates the abundant, wonderful produce that is locally grown.

June Delaney: I won’t be able to resist food trucks that serve Japanese ramen or tasty BBQ Yum! If such trucks should come, I will be first in line.

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