Podcaster Praise

Readers sound off on Drew Ackerman, dog poop, and black lager beer.



‚ÄčPodcaster Praise

I’m a fan [“Boring You to Sleep,” March]; had no idea [Drew Ackerman] was living on the Island!!!!

Adrian Mez Merry


Shut. Up. I love this guy!!!

Sunny K. Merry


I think I found my superhero!

Shanti Speer


Woohoo, Drew!!

Lucie Johnova


About That Poop

Oh, stop complaining [“Pick Up the Dog Poop, People,” March]. If you see someone, educate them. Otherwise don’t demonize all dog walkers. And by the way, I am just a dog owner, not dog walker.

Diane Tebault


Have the same problem around Lake Merritt. They bag it and leave it expecting the Poop Fairy to come along and pick it up for them. And the Poop Fairy is also known as the locals.

Tina Burton


Black Lager Fan

So glad to see a blurb [“Back in Black,” March] on the delicious black lagers! It’s one of our very popular beers here at Speisekammer in Alameda, and I scanned the article quickly hoping to see a mention of our authentic German restaurant, serving 16 taps of amazing German brews! We proudly serve up Kostritzer Black Lager. I look forward to trying some of the other mentioned in the article!

Erin O’Malley, GM, Speisekammer, Alameda


Self Improvement

Great ideas for resolutions [“Setting Goals,” January-February] for the New Year! My favorite answer is, “To be better than I was last year.”

Linda Fernandez


Treat Yourself

Pucquio [“Complex Cebiches,” March] is long overdue for this acknowledgment. A wonderful restaurant, with a talented chef and gracious front-of-the-house staff, it is a fabulous introduction to the sophisticated complexity of Peruvian food. If you’ve never dined Peruvian, you are in for a treat and will certainly be surprised if you thought Peruvian was another take on Mexican food.                                   

Madelyn Mallory



The Shelter article “Earthy Essence” [March] included an incorrect photo credit. Ramona d’Viola took the larger photo on the left, and the right photo was by Susanna Scott and courtesy Arana Craftsman Painting/LMB Interiors.


Published online on April 13, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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