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Last month's letters to the editor.


BART in Alameda

Not only would it be great for Alameda, [“Going Tubular,” May] but also for other underserved localities. There are too many transit agencies muddying the waters to effective and simple public transportation. The Bay Area needs to invest in itself.

Richard Haick


Can they dig under the homes without disturbing them? People from the East and West Bays are isolated from each other and it’s sad. I had to drop out of an SF group I loved due to traffic.

Amelia Amy Rose


About Tucker’s

“New Owners for Tucker’s [June] prompted some comments:

Sounds like Tucker’s is in good hands. Lucky us.

Francesca Ricci


On Pauline’s

“So Long, Pauline’s [June]” got feedback, too, including:

Good for you, Pauline. Enjoy.

Michael Kaney


Bye, Bye, Jill

“Alameda City Manager Jill Keimach to Step Down” [The Briefing, May 16] drew these comments:

Wow, so sorry, Jill. Another bad story and history for Alameda.

Harry Hartman


Wow! I’ve pissed off more for a lot less.

Joe Camicia


Drink Up

Readers said this in response to “The Last Straw” [Word on the Street, May] on banning straws:

Compostable straws. It’s as easy as that.

Gabi Cascio


I’ve started asking for “no straw, please.” whenever I eat out now.

Ramona d’Viola

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