Berkeley Chocolatier Endorfin Wins Gold and Silver Medals

Its Coconut Dream bar came out on top.


Image: Kristan Lawson

Berkeley-based Endorfin Foods won a gold medal and four silver medals in the International Chocolate Salon's annual "Best Vegan Chocolates of the Year" competition. 

Chocolatiers from all over North America competed in many categories. Announced this week, the results included a gold medal in the "Best Ingredient Combinations" category for hand-painted passionfruit bonbons made by Ex Voto Chocolates of Ventura, CA and a gold medal in the "Most Unique" category for wheatgrass-infused dark-chocolate truffles containing chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried apples, made by Delysia Chocolatier of Austin, TX. 

Another gold medal in that same category went to soy, beet, and spinach-infused truffles made by Chip in a Bottle of New Haven, CT.

Endorfin, which uses coconut "mylk" and coconut sugar in its bean-to-bar creations, won a gold medal in the "Best Milk Chocolate" category for its Coconut Dream bar, a silver medal in that same category for its Ginger & Rose bar, and further silvers for those same bars in the "Best Flavored Chocolate" category. 

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