Berkeley's Dang Food Expands Its Line

It's also redefining itself as "the oldest Asian-American snack brand in the United States."


Image courtesy of Dang Foods

Berkeley-based Dang Foods this week staked its claim as "the first Asian-American snack brand in the United States."

The eight-year-old company, best known for its Thai Rice Chips (formerly known as Sticky-Rice Chips), Keto-friendly Dang Bars, and Original Coconut Chips, is owned and operated by two Thai brothers — Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn — who grew up moving back and forth between New York City and Bangkok.

The idea for the company was born after their mother — after whom Dang Foods is named — gave them her recipe for traditional toasted-coconut flakes.

Dang Foods products effect a fine balance between Asian and Western flavors, styles, and ingredients. Most are plant-based, dairy-free, and non-GMO-certified. All are gluten-free, soy-free, and preservative-free.

"As an Asian-American entrepreneur, I am working to shift the reputation of Asian snack food from exotic and different to healthy and aspirational: one that Asians across the US are proud to share with friends," Dang Foods CEO Vincent Kitirattragarn said in a press release.

To celebrate its bold "first" claim, the company announced the rollout of three new flavors: Tropical Mango Coconut Chips (made with mature Thai coconuts and no added sugar), Toasted Sesame Thai Rice Chips (inspired by northern Thai street food), and the Peanut Butter Dang Bar (rich in coconut, peanuts, cocoa butter, and almond butter). 

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