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2016 Lifestyle & LeisureEditors' Choice

Best Turnkey Glamping Opportunity

Joe Stack, Stacked Adventures

Chris Duffey

Why just be ladies who lunch when you could be ladies who launch? That was the spirit with which a group of moms met Stacked Adventures owner Joe Stack at a West End ramp after dropping the kids off at school to spend a few hours paddling the calm waters among pelicans near the Island’s protective rock wall. During the trip, the amiable Stack snapped photos that he later shared with his guests via Facebook. Instead of requiring you to come to a set place, Stacked brings adventure to you, offering not just kayaking but camping and backpacking trips, too. Outings can last an afternoon or multiple days. No gear? No problem. You can rent everything you need from Stacked, and he even offers the option of having camp set up for you when you arrive. Turnkey glamping.

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