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2016 Lifestyle & LeisureReaders' Choice

Best Place to Take the Kids

Crab Cove

2016 Lifestyle & LeisureEditors' Choice

Best Place to Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike

Crown Memorial State Beach

When teaching kids to ride a bike for the first time, parents quickly realize that there are many obstacles to avoid. Cars and hills are obvious hazards. But one that is less obvious is stop signs. Too many stops can interrupt your kids’ feel for being on a bike and impede his or her ability to learn proper balance. That’s why a flat bike trail without a lot of stops is a good choice for first-time riders. And the best such place on The Island is the bike bath at Crown Memorial State Beach, along Crab Cove. Kids will have plenty of room to glide on their bikes. Plus, when they get tired or frustrated, you can take a break for some fun at the beach. Then when they’re old enough, you can bike together to Bay Farm Island and soak in some spectacular views.

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