Clint Imboden

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2018 Lifestyle & LeisureEditors' Choice

Most Talented Sculptor

Clint Imboden

David Strauss

With an instantly recognizable style, sculptor Clint Imboden works with patinaed metals, natural fibers, and found materials to create tactile pieces that are edgy and modern with distinctively primitive undertones. An assemblage artist who re-purposes finds into re-imagined objects, Imboden approaches each piece as a narrative, creating new life for materials that have been largely discarded. As a 20-year Alameda resident, his ties to the local art scene run deep (even though he now has an off-Island zip code), and his solo exhibit, Broken, hung at Autobody Fine Art in the fall, challenging viewers to consider the purpose -- or more aptly, the re-purpose -- of things, a favorite theme. Imboden's art is prolific and can be seen throughout galleries in Northern California.