Blue Bottle Coffee Recalls Cans

Reports of malfunction and injury spurred the recall.


Image courtesy of Bule Bottle Coffee

Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee is undergoing a recall of its whole-bean coffee cans because they present a risk of consumer injury.

Blue Bottle has recalled all varieties of Hayes Valley Espresso, Bella Donovan, Giant Steps, Three Africas, and Night Light Decaf 170g/6oz whole-bean coffee cans with all best-by dates, according to a press release, which adds:

"The white, cylinder-shaped coffee cans are printed with a logo of a blue bottle on the front. A white, plastic top covers the silver metal pull-tab at the top of the can. A best-by date is printed on the bottom of the can. For consumers who have already opened the product, there is no safety risk to consuming the coffee.

"Consumers should not open the cans and should return the product to the place they purchased it for a full refund. Coffee beans in opened cans are safe to continue using."

The move was launched after Blue Bottle received thirteen reports of the cans' lids "detaching rapidly with force when opened and the beans ejecting from the top of the can," according to the press release. One actual injury was reported. 

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