Calavera to Host "Stone Soup" Pop-Up

The signature dish is actually made with river stones.


Image courtesy of Caldo de Piedra

Uptown Oakland's Calavera restaurant is hosting three-course pop-up dinners on July 8 and July 9 featuring the 22-year-old restaurant Caldo de Piedra, located in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca.

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased here.

Caldo de Piedra — which means basically "stone broth" — is named after its signature dish, a soup which is made by dropping piping-hot river stones into hollowed-out gourds filled with broth.

Other ingredients such as fresh fish, shrimp, cilantro, garlic, onions, chiles, tomatoes, and epazote are then placed into the gourd to cook thanks to the stones.

For the pop-up dinners, river stones will be brought all the way from Oaxaca to Calavera, where they will be heated to very high temperatures in the retaurant's wood-fired oven and carefully placed in actual gourds.

The stones are very fragile and can be used only once.

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