Casablanca Market Branches Out

The Newark-based company now has its own line of Moroccan-style condiments.


Image courtesy of Casablanca Market

Newark-based home-decor and kitchenware company Casablanca Market has just branched out into actual food by launching a super-hot new harissa and a line of Moroccan-style preserved lemons.

Besides helming a retail company, "my other passion is food and cooking for my family, friends, and sometimes customers,” said Casablanca Market founder and CEO, Katia Essyad.

“So they encouraged me to make my own Moroccan harissa recipe, which was inspired from my childhood memories of putting Harissa on a hot French baguette.” 

Arguably the most popular condiment across much of North Africa, harissa is a spreadable hot-pepper paste traditionally made with baklouti peppers, serrano peppers, oil, and other peppers along with garlic, coriander, saffron, caraway, and/or other spices and herbs. 

“Our harissa will add flavor to everything from marinades and sauces, vegetables, pastas, sandwiches, eggs, meats, poultry, seafood, tagine dishes, and even pizza,” said Essyad, who founded Casablanca Market over twelve years ago and as an advocate of fair-market practices serves as a formal sponsor for a variety of skilled crafters and artisans, most of them women. 

“It’s truly the new spicy — an added delicious difference to virtually any dish.”

Her sweet and zesty new preserved lemons can also enrich salads, sandwiches, entrees, and even cocktails. 

 “We work with about 200 women in Morocco who make the products for us using our recipes,” Essyad added. 

“It’s part of our mission to support these superb artisans — and we’re proud and excited to present these new condiments to a discerning public, who know and appreciate an honest product that tastes fabulous.”

Both the harissa and the lemons are made without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugar, and are non-GMO, vegan, and kosher.


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