Humor and Horror

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Welcome to Night Vale. It’s just a sleepy little desert community where all your nightmares just happen to come true and even the most outlandish conspiracy theories don’t seem so far-fetched.

In the tradition of Ichor Falls, W.Va., and Scarfolk, England, Night Vale is a fictional small town where things are just a little bit off. It could come straight out of a Garrison Keillor monologue, with such folksy American institutions as a bowling alley, a yogurt shop, a cottage bloodstone industry, a secret police force, and a strange sentient miasma that hypnotizes townsfolk into chanting “All Hail the Glow Cloud” before becoming so popular that it’s elected to the city’s school board.

Treading the thin line between humor and horror, the absurd podcast, presented as a community news program, will make you laugh while sending shivers down your spine. Join this live podcast to learn all the local lore and news in a locale where weirdness is never in short supply. Turn on your radio and hide. Sun.,

Dec. 3, 7 p.m. $27.50-$32.50. Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Ave., Oakland,

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